Updated Release Schedule for July and August

24th Jun 2020

Rob Burman

Before the world went into lockdown, we had spent a long time carefully planning the Mantic release schedule. Like a gourmet chef preparing a fine banquet, we ensured each month had a delicate balance of different games, new releases and more.

Matt Gilbert doing the release schedule.

Then COVID-19 came in and started smashing the kitchen about, which kind of ruined things.

Since March, we’ve been waiting for local game shops to get back on their feet so we can start offering new releases. We’ve dipped our toe in the new release water this month with the Hellboy expansions (B.P.R.D. Archives, Baba Yaga and Hecate), along with ensuring stores have Wave Six for The Walking Dead.

However, we’ve seen a lot of questions and queries about some of the releases we announced before lockdown – namely the Matsudan for Deadzone, the Whisperers and some more bits. So, we wanted to give you a quick update about what’s happening each month.


Let’s kick things off with July, which is shaping up to be a packed month!

Awesome Soulflayers.

It all kicks off with a load of Kings of War releases:

  • Nightstalker Soulflayers Regiment
  • Nightstalker Dreadfiend
  • Northern Alliance Clansmen Regiment with Two-Handed Weapons
  • Northern Alliance Pack Hunters Regiment
  • Northern Alliance Ice Naiads Regiment
  • Northern Alliance Thegn on Frostfang
Image grabbed from the packaging.

While the above will all be available in-stores, we’ve got a few web only upgrades on offer too:

  • (WEB ONLY) Northern Alliance Snow Troll Prime Upgrade
  • (WEB ONLY) Northern Alliance Two-Handed Weapons Upgrade
  • (WEB ONLY) Northern Alliance Bows Upgrade
  • (WEB ONLY) Northern Alliance Ice Naiads Upgrade


With July out the way, we’re into August. Sadly this would have been when we were flying out to GenCon but, undeterred, we’ve got some great releases lined up.

The Whisperers are coming.

We start with some very exciting releases for The Walking Dead. We shouldn’t really shout about this… because The Whisperers will be available in August. This awesome new faction will be split across two sets – a faction starter and faction booster. Both packs will come with the cards required to play the Whisperers in All Out War and Call to Arms.

The Whisperers are joined by The Walking Dead Anthology. This is a supplement that’s been asked for numerous times by the TWD community. It brings together all the supplements in one handy book, plus a bunch of new scenarios. It comes in at a mighty 170+ pages and will be an absolute must-have for any TWD fan.

Just one of the new scenarios in the book!

But that’s not all that’s heading your way in August because we’ve also got the highly-anticipated Spectra.

Oh my!

This new mech for the Asterians will be joined by the honourable Matsudan sub faction. Now you can combine your puny Asterians with some real muscle.

Work in progress! But look at that sweet armour,

Plus all the individual Matsudan will be available as web-only purchases too – just in case you want to expand your Strike Team.


By the time we come to September, it’s the chance for Vanguard to take the limelight with the release of the new ogre warband, along with the booster and separate support packs for the Matriach and a Siege Breaker.

Boomer Sergeant.

The Vanguard releases will be accompanied by some new Kings of War products too, including a Siege Breakers regiment (upgrades on their own will be a web only release) and some alternate parts for the Ogre Warriors. Plus, we’ll finally see the release of the Crocodogs.


We don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves, so just a little tease for October…

Best army!

So there you have it! Now you’re all caught up on what’s happening over the next few months. As you can see, there are some really exciting releases coming up, so make sure you stay tuned to the Mantic Blog and the newsletter to keep up with all these and more.

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