It’s only a week away until the biggest games show in the worrrrrrrrrrld! We’re currently getting the final bits and bobs ready to make this Gen Con our biggest yet. Of course, we’ve already announced that Wild Hunt, the new Hellboy expansion will be making its Gen Con debut, and talked about the super intimate Mantic Night… but that’s not all!

Ice & Iron, the new Vanguard supplement will be available (in limited numbers) three weeks before its retail launch. In this new book, you’ll find a brand new campaign setting, new equipment, new scenarios and updated unit stats. Think of it like Command Protocols for Deadzone or Clash of Kings for Kings of War.

We’ll be delving deeper into the world of Ice & Iron after Gen Con, but just trust us when we say this is going to be an essential purchase for any Vanguard player.


As if Ice & Iron wasn’t already exciting enough, we’ll also have the pre-launch of the Undead faction (seen in this sneaky preview above). Have you always wanted a vampire halfling? What about an Arkosaur necromancer? Perhaps your heart’s desire is a zombie orc (zorc, for short)? Well, the Undead faction is the thing for you, my slightly creepy friend.

Again, we’ll be delving into the undead faction in more detail once we’re back from Gen Con but this warband launch adds plenty of unit options to the faction… and a few units may eventually work their way into Kings of War Third Edition *hint, hint*

Of course, you could get a lovely discount on all of the above by attending the exclusive Mantic Night! All attendees receive a $30 voucher that they can spend on the booth at any time during the show. So, you can pop down on day one to snap up the Vanguard releases before anyone else. Get your ticket here.

For those not heading to Gen Con, don’t worry! All of these new releases will be available for pre-order from the new and improved Mantic website in a couple of weeks. Exciting times!