With the release of the new Veer-Myn Reserve and Mega Forces comes the arrival of two new miniatures for the Veer-Myn – the Tunnellers and Tunnel Runners. I say ‘miniatures’ in the loosest terms as these are both sizable plastic vehicles! Epitomising the Veer-Myn’s deadly yet haphazard ways of war, these provide valuable reinforcements for rat players everywhere.

The Tunnel Runner is the smaller of the two Veer-Myn vehicles. Cast in the same detailed PVC plastic as the Brood Mother, Night Terror, and Rumbler Weapons Platform, these mono-wheels can be used in games of both Deadzone and Warpath. It comes armed with twin Chem-Spitters, as well as vicious blades mounted on the front to ram into foes.

The arm and head connections on the pilot are designed to be compatible with the Nightcrawlers sprue, so you can use your spare parts from you core troops to customise the drivers to your taste. Beyond that, the Tunnel Runners are simple to slot together and ready to field in no time. Players have been having particular fun fielding these in Deadzone using the recent Veer-Myn beta list – which will be given the same treatment as the GCPS and Asterian lists soon! They can also be used in Warpath and work well entering play behind a Tuneller to act as support, or using their speed to range ahead of the main force and pick out weak targets.

The Tunneller, meanwhile, is in a league of its own. This Hard Plastic boring machine measures over 14 cm long and 8 cm wide, not including the weapon fittings. The drills are designed to be open to reveal an inner hatch (with a choice of closed or open options) which can either be used as an access point for Veer-Myn Infantry or the mounting for a heavy weapon. Like the Tunnel Runners, this kit also slots together quickly and easily.

In games of Warpath, the Tunneller excels at Shock and awe tactics. Literally burrowing out of the ground the enemy stand on, the Tunneller can swiftly either deploy Veer-Myn troops on unleash its own powerful weaponry upon nearby foes. It can field either the close-range Chem-Sprayer or Super-Heavy Ray Gun, which is more suited to armoured targets. Once the Tunneller has deployed, other Veer-Myn units can use its entry point to follow on to the battlefield. This I most notably used by the Tunnel Runners who surge out of the passages created by the Tunneller’s transit to engage with the enemy as quickly as possible.

If you are looking to pick these units up for your Veer-Myn, then the best choice is the Reserve Force which includes a Tunneller, 2 Tunnel Runners, 2 Rumbler Weapons Platforms, 5 Creepers and 5 Maligni – at a great discount versus purchasing these units separately If you want to make a start on a completely new Veer-Myn army, then take a look at the Mega Force, which includes a Veer-Myn army of 66 miniatures – including a Tunneller and 2 Tunnel Runners – large enough for any game of Warpath. These units will be available to purchase individually too in the coming months.

The Veer-Myn Mega Force and Reserve Force are available to order now, with the Tunneller and Tunnel Runners including long before their separate retail launch. Pick up yours today!

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