The best selling Games Master’s Starter set is back and even better than ever! To celebrate Video Matt flexed his Role Playing muscles to create some examples of how Terrain Crate can be used in any adventure… Over to you VM!

‘The Tavern’

Like most good stories this one starts in a tavern. As our heroes find out about an ancient magical sword that was stolen from the local temple, they discover that the main suspect was a robed man with magical talents. With this information the party agrees to retrieve it and stop whatever plans he hopes to achieve….

‘Wizards Study’

After locating the study of the main suspect, the party must seek out any clues regarding the stolen sword. As they enter the study they find a packed room filled with books and scrolls. Whilst undead servants are on patrol, looking for any intruders.

Could they sneak and avoid the undead or must they fight their way through the undead guards? With luck they find a map on the Wizard’s desk with the possible location of a portal and his insidious plan to bring forth an ancient dragon into this plane.

The non-perceptive group are not aware, however, that the wizard had left a stealthy counter measure. The innocent form of an owl familiar is spying on their every move.

‘The Trap’

As our brave heroes move towards the portal site a trap is sprung. The owl familiar has relayed information back to its master. To buy him some time the wizard has acquired the skills of a band of orcs who have set up camp in the valley and with the promise of power and more importantly gold they angrily guard the entrance to the cave. To add to the danger, the evil Wizard has ordered traps placed to hinder the parties progress.

‘The Portal’

Pushing through the trap our adventurers find the portal room, but they are too late! The dragon steps through the portal with a ferocious roar!! But his powers are not yet fully restored, the party must act now if they hope to save the city!

Through clashing of swords, firing of arrows and casting of spells they manage to defeat both the wizard and the dragon. Closing the portal by retrieving the sword just in time before its unstable magic destroys the cavern.

With the evil wizard defeated the brave group has one more job to do… Help themselves to his vast horde of treasure…. Payment for a job well done…

All miniatures shown are from the GM’s Dungeon Starter Set and key Terrain Crate sets.

Designed to suit any table-top RPG, this great set includes loads of terrain to fill out your dungeon, 4 heroes to delve into its depths, loads of varied minions – from orcs to undead – for them to face, and a final boss in the form of a towering Dragon!




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Piles of golden coins and rare treasures, these pieces would look right at home in a city bank, dwarven hold, or even a dragon’s lair.

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The dark places where adventurers must go to seek their fortune are not blank empty spaces, but the remains of ancient civilisations. This set gives you doors, chests, tables, bookshelves and other accessories to flesh out the areas of your adventures.

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The perfect setting to start any adventure, this set allows you to build anything from a respectable local tavern to a hidden speakeasy where despicable characters meet.

Contents: 29 pieces of plastic terrain. Supplied assembled and unpainted

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This set contains everything that a sorcerous academic could need. There is a magic mirror, an orrery, several shelves full of alchemical equipment and tomes, and even a pet owl!

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