One of the biggest disappointments of this global pandemic has been the cancellation of so many great gaming conventions, events and tournaments. Players around the world plan their vacations, time off work and spending funds around these. To see them (justifiably) cancel has been heart breaking.

However, all is not lost! Universal Battle 2 has been an excellent avenue for most of us to continue to game as well as meeting new and awesome players around the world.

Coming up the weekend of June 27th there will be two awesome events being run virtually that had to cancel. One of the great upsides of this is that players from around the globe can potential participate in events they normally would not be able to!

First off, we have the Vanguard Grand Tournament. This event is normally run in Virginia (USA) and is hosted by the magnificent Michael Adkins. If you have watched any of the -/28 live streams of the ongoing Call to Arms event, then you will have seen Mike and his beautiful groomed face!

Vanguard GT can be found here ( and you can register for the event here This event will be five games played over Saturday June 27th and Sunday June 28th. Armies will be 2,300 points.

Continuing with our USA virtually run events, we have the Bugeater Grand Tournament hosted and run by Adam Ballard out of Omaha, Nebraska. The Bugeater Grand Tournament will also be held during the weekend of June 27th, but with games being played across Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

You can find their Facebook page here ( and you can also touch base with them via email at This event is extra special as each player will be using an additional character in their list, for free! This character is none other than RONNIE THE BARD!

Hopefully, these events will help to quell your Kings of War itch and allow for some awesome community growth. Thanks to Mike and Adam for these efforts, Mantic continues to be what it is because of the awesome people we have in our community.

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