And now for something completely different!

The Walking Dead Collector’s Edition was put up alongside the Kickstarter Editions yesterday. This set is another great entry point for the game, as it includes everything you need to start playing, plus a whole bunch of rare miniatures.

The Collector’s Edition combines The Walking Dead: All Out War Core Game and the Prelude to Woodbury Solo Starter Set, so you get the best of both worlds with the miniatures and cards from both sets combined. You also get a Scenery Booster, packed with plastic cars, barricades and loot counter and a Deluxe Neoprene Gaming Mat.

Perhaps the main draw for the Collectors out there (see what I did?) is the inclusion of not one, but two show-exclusive boosters. The Lee & Clementine Booster, based on the characters of the same name from the Telltale Games’ Walking Dead Series, has been the 2017 Show Exclusive Booster – meaning that up until now, it has only been available at show Mantic attends, or through the website during the Mantic Open Day. The next Open Day is on the 25th November, by the way.

Come 2018, we’ll be retiring Lee & Clementine from the scene (though there will still be some around) and replacing it with the 2018 Show Exclusive Booster. This set includes 3 new miniatures that have never been released before – Walker Rick, Dale, Prison Advisor and Scott Moon.

Walker Rick is taken from the cover of one of the Walking Dead comics, which showed the main cast of characters in the series mirrored by their Walker versions. Although this has yet to happen in the storyline of the game, you can still have this great miniature to add to your collection, and replace Rick Grimes if he does become one of the undead.

Dale, Prison Advisor, also known as One-Legged Dale is another iteration of the Dale character introduced in the Days Gone Bye Expansion. He is one of four characters who bears the title of Prison Advisor (the others are Rick, Hershell and Tyresse) who form a de-facto leadership for the group while they occupy the Prison. When you have all four of the characters in the game at once, they can each use their Command Abilities, instead of this being restricted to just the Leader’s Command Ability as normal.

Finally, there’s Scott Moon. Scott was originally a wandering Survivor before he eventually arrives at Woodbury. He then aids the Governor in procuring a number of fish tanks, confused as to why he would need these in the post-apocalyptic world. In the game, Scott is a great support character. His ability essentially makes him perfect for ordering around – in short, another character can sacrifice one action to allow Scott to take three and be immune to panic for the next turn. This reflects his blind loyalty in the storyline, too.

These three will be available win their own booster, separate from the Collector’s Edition in the same manner as Lee and Clementine. So, you’ll be able to pick them up from Mantic Events and online during the Open Days next year. Or you can grab the collector’s edition now to get both sets in one go!

The Walking Dead Collector’s Edition is currently available for Pre-Order from the Mantic Webstore or your local retailer. Perfect if you want to start collecting and playing The Walking Dead: All out War!

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