Wave Two of the The Walking Dead: All Out War focuses on the story after Rick and the gang leave the ‘safety’ of the Atlanta Camp. The Miles Behind Us expansion centres around the Atlanta survivors meeting the Greene family, encountering Tyreese and discovering the farm under the dramatic circumstances.

One of the key elements of Miles Behind Us is that it takes place on Hershel’s Farm. Those of you that have read the comics or played the scenarios in the expansion already will know that the barn plays a key part in that storyline.

Greene Family Farm

So, we’re delighted to announce that just like we did for Wave One with Dale’s RV, for Wave Two we’re producing an MDF replica of the Greene Family Farm, complete with an MDF barn (with removable roof, interior elements and opening doors), MDF tractor, six MDF fences and four resin hay bales.

As you can see from the quick picture we snapped earlier, the barn towers above the Walking Dead miniatures and would certainly make an impressive centrepiece for your games. Even better, the items included in the Greene Family Farm set are designed to be the perfect scale for your games and are the same dimensions as the cardboard scenery pieces included in the Miles Behind Us expansion.

The Greene Family Farm kit can be pre-ordered in your local gaming store, or you can order direct from the Mantic website. We’d love to see some pictures of it being used in your games, so make sure you post them to Facebook or Twitter.

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