Last week on the blog Ronnie shared his story on how we acquired the license for The Walking Dead – this week we explore the game. Stay tuned for more information on the rules and miniatures, starting with how Walkers work tomorrow.


The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game is the tactical head-to-head game set in the walker-strewn Georgia countryside where everyone and everything is trying to kill you.

In The Walking Dead: All Out War, each player controls their own group of survivors made up of popular characters from The Walking Dead storyline, such as Rick, Shane, Michonne and many more.


The Walking Dead – Dale

Each of these survivors is represented by a finely detailed plastic miniature that can be painted in your colour scheme of choice. It also comes with a character card highlighting their game stats and unique abilities, which can be upgraded with a selection of weapons and equipment.

The game is played in and around Atlanta and the surrounding American suburbs, and contains a gaming mat and a selection of barricades, abandoned cars and supplies to give it that authentic The Walking Dead atmosphere.

Your survivors move across the board using the measuring stick included with the game, and you’ll use the terrain to block Walker routes and sneak up on opposing survivors, or raid enemy camps for supplies.


Loot 005

During the game, you will fight a bitter battle for resources against a rival group of survivors – but be careful not to make too much noise, as you’ll draw the attention of the Walkers who roam the streets and fields.

The Walkers are controlled by an AI system developed specifically for this game, and also means that you can play the game solo.

Enemies are all around you, and danger lurks around every corner.

In this game, YOU are the Walking Dead.


Do you have a burning The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game question? Leave it in the comments in a blog this week and we’ll answer it in a Question and Answer session on Friday. Check in tomorrow to learn more about how Walkers work.

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