Continuing our series looking at what’s coming up in Wave Three of The Walking Dead: All Out War, today we’re previewing one of the retail exclusive boosters: Glenn, Prison Defender. Also, if you missed our detailed look at the new expansion, Safety Behind Bars, make sure you take a look at that too.


Clearning out the prison is a dangerous job, so Glenn is equipped to deal with the Walkers in his Riot Gear! However, he’s not the only one with a little bit of extra protection, and the Walker is also protected by armor too. Good luck getting those headshots because now the Walker will ignore the first ! on each attack roll. Yikes!

Glenn’s new Survivor Card is certainly a step up from his previous version. He has something called the Slippery rule, which is a little like Nimble (often found on Runners) but instead of Glenn dodging away, he pushes the enemy 1″… pretty neat for shoving opposing Survivors into base-to-base with Walkers!

He’s also got got an ability called Tread Lightly, which potentially allows him to Run without causing a Noise. This is a very useful ability that means Glenn can move around the board quickly, if given the opportunity. Finally, as part of the narrative nature of the game, Glenn will do whatever it takes to get revenge on any Survivors responsible for killing his beloved Maggie, thanks to the True Love special rule.

Alongside Glenn, the booster also includes Wes, one of The Governor’s henchmen from Woodbury. Although on paper Wes appears to be a little useless, the Adrenaline Junkie ability could make him useful in the later stages of the game… if he manages to survive that is!


As you might expect from Glenn’s outfit, the equipment included in this booster is Riot Gear heavy! Using all these items will also grant a bonus to melee rolls, which will mean Glenn will roll two red dice and a white die in combat. Also, this is the first time the M16 Assault Rifle has been available outside of the Equipment Booster… just imagine someone like Andrew armed with that beast!

Remember, Wave Three of the Walking Dead: All Out War will be available in limited numbers at GenCon this week and it’ll be going up for pre-order on the Mantic website from Thursday. Tomorrow we’ll be looking at Glenn’s partner, Maggie, who is the second retail exclusive in Wave Three.

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