This month we’ll be launching our first The Walking Dead: All Out War Organized Play Kit. If you’ve ever fancied spending a full day fighting off Walkers, desperately grabbing equipment or just trying to shoot Carl in the head, then this is the thing for you! The Walking Dead: All Out War Organized Play Kit Spring 2017 includes everything you need to run a 12-player tournament.

In the pack you’ll find exclusive items that you can use as prizes, a rules booklet and materials to advertise your tournament to potential players. The contents are:

  • Rules Booklet
  • 2 Posters
  • 20 Flyers
  • 13 sets of 3 Exclusive Equpment Cards
  • 4 Badges (to be used as spot prizes for things like the most spectacular kill, best headshot, etc.)

Top prizes

Even better, we’ll be updating the contents throughout the year, so you can organise numerous events and still encourage players with the thought of winning brand new and exciting Walking Dead-themed prizes! If you’d like to run an event in your shop, please contact our trade team.

The Walking Dead: All Out War Organized Play Kit

But what if you don’t own a store? Well, we’re pleased to report that the Organized Play Kit will also be available for clubs to run their own tournaments too! If you’re interested in purchasing a tournament kit, please email and we’ll explain what you need to do next!

Remember to share details of your event with us via Twitter or Facebook and we’ll make sure The Walking Dead community is aware of your tournament. We’d also love to see pictures that we can share on social media too.

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