Hope you’re enjoying The Walking Dead: All Out War Week on the blog. Yesterday we highlighted the five reasons you should try the game. Today we’re going to give you a little Hobbying inspiration with some pictures from our recent Walking Dead-themed painting competition.

The closing date for the contest was Monday and, although we haven’t picked a winner yet, we thought we would show off some of the entries we received. It’s great to see so many fantastic miniatures from the community. Although the competition has closed, we still love to see your finished miniatures, so continue to share them on Facebook or Twitter. Anyway, here are some of the entries for Brush with Death….

Robert Kittner – Diorama

Eric Gueguen – Single Miniature
‘My gun is full of bullets – soon, you will be the same’

Adam Peacock – Single Miniature

Brian Payne – Single Miniature

Christophe Roque – Diorama 1

Matt Saunders – Diorama

Marcel Popik – Single Miniature

Emmanuel Capron – Diorama 1

Richard Errington – SIngle Miniature

Joshua Collins – Diorama 1

Hope you enjoyed looking at those! Of course, they’re just a few of the entries we received and there are plenty more over on Facebook. So take a look and let us know which one is your favourite.

Keep checking the Mantic Blog all this week for more details about some great new The Walking Dead: All Out War products heading your way in March.

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