Over the last few years, the Warpath universe has become a very big place, with information feeding in from Warpath, Deadzone, DreadBall and DreadBall Xtreme. In addition to this, the ‘story bible’ we hold here at Mantic HQ has been growing tremendously as the studio works tirelessly to flesh the background out further.


Whilst this informs our books, a lot of this content never makes it into our books, for various reasons; mainly space considerations. There’s a lot of things that we’ve always wanted to show off, but getting them out there can be difficult. Well, no more – for the first time, we’re creating a one stop place for  all Warpath lore as well as hobby tips and more for Warpath and Deadzone. We’ll keep updating this as we go forwards, with lots of content planned for the coming months, to coincide withe the launch of Deadzone 2nd Edition! DreadBall will have it’s own separate site, as it has its own requirements.

Warpath Universe Website


A Galaxy for the Taking!


The site goes into depth covering the make up and governance of the GCPS and the Council of Seven, as well as their interactions with various alien species. Starting with the Enforcers and Forge Fathers, each Deadzone faction has a GCPS sanctioned dossier, covering their technology, culture and interactions with humanity.


These documents are filled with art and photography of each faction, so you can get a great look at the models available. There is a wealth of information – the Forge Fathers dossier has a whole page dedicated to Magma weaponry, for example.


Hobby Time

We have a whole section of the site dedicated to online hobby content including an image gallery and dozens of video tutorials.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 11.46.50

The Terrain Tutor is back with more content and Dave’s hobby tips are also available to watch, for those of you who are looking for tips on assembling your models and scenery. There are also gameplay tutorials, courtesy of Deadpathzone and painting tips, too.


We’ll be adding to all of these as we go forwards, with more content being worked on as we speak. What would you like to see on the site?

If all of this gets you excited for the Warpath universe, then dive in and pre-order Deadzone today!

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