The Enforcers are the finest warriors that mankind has to offer. Enhanced far beyond the abilities of a normal human and equipped with the most advanced technology credits can buy the Enforcers are utterly unswerving in their devotion to humanity’s secretive rulers; the Council of Seven.


Their origins remain a mystery, although they appear to be human, at least in part. Their strength and speed surpass that of humans, making them a match for the other creatures that they must face. In addition, they are suited in fully-enclosed armour. This advanced technology is actually manufactured by the Forge Fathers and purchased exclusively by the Council of Seven. Both sides see this as too lucrative a deal to pass up, despite the fact the Enforcers and Forge Fathers regularly clash in Deadzones.



Whilst the Enforcers are commonly deployed against inhuman threats such as the Veer-Myn or Plague, they are also used to enforce the will of the Council within the GCPS. The Enforcers are unquestioning in their execution of their orders, even if they are deployed against humans. It is not uncommon for Enforcers to  be used by the Council to eliminate troublesome Corporations, or to seize vital assets which are being held illegally – or so the official reports state.

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The Enforcers Strike Squad allows you to build ten of these super-soldiers. Each sprue comes with enough components to arm your whole squad with either rifles or pistols and wrist-blades. There’s also an Energy Gauntlet, Burst Laser and Incinerator.

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There are also accessories to add details to your models, such as holsters and grenades,  a range of different heads to choose from and even a rank insignia to mark one of your Enforcers as a Sergeant or Captain. You can use these models in Deadzone, Warpath or Warpath: Firefight – or any other sci-fi miniatures game!


If you want to find out more about the Enforcers, then check out the Enforcers Dossier over on Warpath Universe. This highly classified document is full of information on the Council’s greatest warriors. We’ve also put together a set of instructions to help you build your force!

The Enforcers Strike Squad is available to pre-order now. You can also find these awesome mdoels in the Deadzone Enforcer Faction Starter and Faction Booster.

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