What Fantastic Things Are In Store For The World Of Pannithor?

26th Dec 2022

Jonny Mann

Jonny here!

So Ronnie has hinted at a few of the amazing plans Mantic has for the world of Pannithor in 2023 but lets delve a little deeper…

Kings of War

  • Ambush is the new way to play Kings Of War at a smaller points level and it’s hoped that it will become the “go to” recruitment product and gateway into this great game! We are launching six new boxes (Pre-Order Here) that are great for starting out your journey into this universe. They also offer the opportunity for experienced players to test out new armies and offer great value for picking up extra units.

  • NEW PLASTIC ALERT! As well as the new Ambush sets, two of our Mantic IP armies will be getting new hard plastic kits, new models and Army sets in the summer! Anyone who has seen the new Ogres will appreciate the new standard we have set ourselves and we cant wait to get them into your hands! Both the updated Armies will also see a new Ambush starter set hitting the shelves upon release.

Let the rumours commence!

  • Plus of course there’s the super exciting launch of the Twilight Kin before Christmas next year. You don’t want to aVOID that! Expect a whole bunch of hype when we have more to show you… but i’ll just leave you with this…


We have a bumper year for Armada, with two new fleets (well, perhaps technically more than two!), plus and new book and interactive scenery all spread nicely across the year!

  • Ronnie has already gone overboard and spilled the beans about the new Trident Realm Fleet coming around March time. This fantastically fishy flotilla will see an incredible array of sea creatures taking to the high seas of Pannithor and causing havoc to unsuspecting boats! I’m going one better than Ronnie, so here is a teaser for one or two of the painted TR ‘boats’.

  • The amazing Mantic Companion App, which will continue to grow and add new features and content to support our games, will see Armada being added in the early months of the year. So be sure your phone or tablet is waterproof and take it out on deck with you!
  • “Interactive scenery, you say?” well that’s sure to cause an eruption or two!

Terrain Crate – Dungeon Adventures

The first wave which launch in October was a smash hit, so to continue to support your RPG addiction, the Dungeon Adventures range will add more great products to help immerse you in your own wonderful worlds next year.

  • Two new adventure sets containing campaigns that are compatible for 5th edition DnD. As with wave 1 they will contain maps, adventure books and of course our Terrain Crate fantasy scenery.
  • An amazing new range of warbands and NPCs which include even more rogues, meanies and dungeon bosses.

Dungeon Saga Origins


We are set to revisit the Dungeon Saga adventuring party and like any great franchise, it’s origin story time!

And we are making something for kids, mums and dads, and tabletop newbies everywhere!

Dungeon Saga Origins will have inspiring adventures, cool minis, character progression, multiple settings, solo, co-op and PvP options, fearful monsters, heinous baddies and of course you the brave adventuring party! It is easy to learn and playable straight out of the box. DSO will be the best way to get adventuring with anyone you want to get into tabletop games! Watch this space early 2023 for more information and to see the cool stuff planned for this brilliant game.

Look out tomorrow to find out what the future holds for the Warpath universe and the rest of Mantic for 2023!

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Also included in this bumper collection are all new ways to play – ‘Ambush’ small scale games, ‘Legendary’ huge games and everyone’s favourite spectacle – ‘Siege’!



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League of Infamy is the occasionally co-operative dungeon crawler for up to 5 players, where it pays to commit dastardly deeds and partake in foul thievery – often against your own party!

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Halflings Ambush Starter Set

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