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What is Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game?

15th Aug 2022

Rob Burman

Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game is a totally new way to experience the inspirational work of Mike Mignola.

In this standalone game, you become a member of the B.P.R.D. and build your character from the ground up. Will you be a researcher skilled in the study of the occult, a hard-nosed B.P.R.D. security agent, a rookie with hidden supernatural powers and more… the choice is yours.

Based on the hugely popular 5th Edition, we’ve made sure that Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game truly captures the experience of the graphic novels. We’ve added new mechanics – such as Doom and Ingenuity – along with unique classes and feats that drive the agents of the B.P.R.D. in their mission to wipe out supernatural threats.

When creating your agent, you’ll have a range of skills to choose from. Will you specialise in science, technology, investigations, or become an expert in the study of the occult? Making the most of your special skills will be key in piecing together the clues and completing the case.

As you create your unique agent, you must first choose their origin, including:

  • Remarkable human – The Bureau attracts skilled people from around the world with a range of training that will be vital in the field.
  • Psychic – Some individuals have supernatural powers that defy explanation.
  • Ghosts – Bound to the mortal realm, these agents can interact with the physical world and use their ectoplasmic powers to turn the tide.
  • The Cursed – From the undying, to the demonic (horns are optional), the vampiric, and the favoured servants of supernatural entities, the cursed have unique boons…but also banes.
  • The Fae – Ranging from those who have gained the unseen kingdom’s favour, such as Alice Monaghan, or the replaced individuals who remain supplanted by the shapeshifters and servants of the Fae, they have insight to illusions and old magics and tales.

With your origin and role chosen, you will also be able to fully customise your agent using a selection of unique feats. Ranging from combat to supernatural and even B.P.R.D. specific, the variety of feats on offer will allow you to add truly distinct characteristics and flavour.

Of course, you’ll be heading into the field, so make you sure you prepare adequately. The equipment chapter offers a wide range of tools to aid an agent’s investigation. There is also a unique requisition and inventory system to make your gear selection run smooth and simply.

Can’t make it to your RPG session? Don’t worry, with the Backup Agents system you can still be involved with the game. Just like the board game, Backup Agents can be called in when things are getting tough to help the team.

As well as a new agent, fresh to the B.P.R.D. there is also the option to play as legendary characters, like Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman, Johann Kraus and, of course, Hellboy himself! These are all pre-generated characters and are a great place for newcomers to start, especially if they’ve never experienced an RPG but want the thrill of punching a frog monster with the Right Hand of Doom.

As the GM, you’ll be able to create smaller case files or an entire chronicle, packed with twists and turns. Tell your own adventures set within the inspirational Mignola-verse and use your favourite Hellboy: The Boardgame miniatures of iconic villains to represent the monstrous challenges you must face, like the insidious frog monsters or Rasputin himself.

During play, the GM and players will be able to add to the narrative through the innovative Doom and Ingenuity system. Doom is generated when players fail certain tests and gives the GM a pool of resources they can spend to advance the Grand Conspiracy or provide a narrative twist. Meanwhile, Ingenuity shines when agents pass a test with a stroke of brilliance. Ingenuity has a range of uses to help players solve the mission.

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