The Walking Dead

It goes without saying The Walking Dead is a global phenomenon, in everything from comics, tv shows, computer games and merchandise, and we’re fortunate enough to be bringing it to the tabletop in The Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game.

For a lot of The Walking Dead fans, a miniatures game will be a new concept that they may or may not have come across before. In this post we shine a light on exactly what The Walking: All Out War miniatures game is.

The Walking Dead: All Out War is a tabletop wargame played with plastic miniature figurines and dice.


Like a board game, you will set-up the mat, terrain and gaming components on a table or flat surface and, just like a board game, players take it in turns to move their pieces – in this case, a gang of anywhere from one to ten 28mm-scale miniatures depicting your favourite characters from The Walking Dead comics.

Unlike a board game, instead of squares, you will use the measuring ruler to navigate the terrain and outmaneuver your opponent to try and claim resources for your gang.


Danger presents itself at every turn as Walkers are drawn to every noise you make. Worse still: enemy Survivors are also hunting the same supplies you are, bringing them into conflict with your gang. Combat in this game is determined using colored dice.

Your gang will be made up of a number of survivors who have unique abilities and can be upgraded with different equipment. Your choice of survivor and the weapon you have equipped them with will determine how good they are in hand-to-hand combat, firing guns or simply avoiding combat and retrieving loot.


There are two ways to play The Walking Dead: All Out War – one is as a straight head-to-head game, and the other is to play through The Walking Dead storyline as detailed in a range of narrative scenarios, putting your gang in the same circumstances as Rick, Shane and the whole The Walking Dead cast did.

With a wide range of characters, equipment and a board that is set up differently each time, you will have to devise a strategy and rely on solid tactics and a little lady luck to achieve victory in a game where everyone and everything is trying to kill you.

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Don’t be intimidated though – the rules for the game are clearly laid out in the rulebook, and there is a simple Getting Started guide to make it easy to start playing the game right out of the box – all you need to do is pop off some counters!


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