What’s Next For Kings of War

9th May 2023

Dan Mapleston

Hello everyone, Dan here from Team Mantic!

As you’ve no doubt heard, we have some very exciting things to share tomorrow – 7pm UK time on our YouTube channel – where we will reveal and launch the Mantic Vault…

For today though, the spotlight is on our flagship game system – Kings of War!

Every day we’re seeing more and more new people downloading the free rules from the website. Our ambush starter sets are now in hobby retailers internationally, bringing an introduction to fantasy wargaming back within reach of new gamers of all ages. And here at Mantic we’re bringing our A-game with more new hard plastic kits than ever before!

So, it’s over to Kyle – who’s going to walk you through what’s going on with the Nightstalkers. Get your pre-orders in, as we’ll be dispatching them to you all from Monday 15th May!


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Nightstalker Ambush Starter Set

The Nightstalker Ambush Starter Set is the perfect, best value way to start your Nightstalker army with 10 Reapers and 6 Butchers / Ravagers.

They lurk in the cold shadows of the world, and of the mind. The nightstalkers are the fears of mortals come to life. This Ambush starter set is a fantastic place to start building your creepy army of these horrors.

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Nightstalker Army

The nightstalkers are the dreams, nightmares, fears, and horrors of mortals made manifest. Although their incursions into our realm are thankfully rare, the devastation caused by such events is absolute on both a physical and emotional level.

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Nightstalker Mega Army

When the power of the Abyss waxes strong, large forces of Nightstalkers tear their way into reality. Mewling, skittering hordes advance, led by ancient cyclopean beings from the darkest depths of existence. Survivors of such attacks are rare and all who do escape lose their minds and souls forever.

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