If we had to pick a question we get asked the most it would be “what’s next?” Well, we can tell you what’s next… pre-orders for the individual Warpath vehicles, a free copy of Journal 5 to everyone on our newsletter list next week and then an expansion to Dwarf King’s Hold in January… more on that next week!

We’re going to leave you with this image for the weekend, but we expect to see you on the blog and on Facebook next week nice and prompt for more Mantic Goodness.

Mantic-CoverWar among the Stars – definitely not a reference to Renton’s Diva moments.

This is the cover for Mantic Journal 5, put together by Guy Haley and his team. More on the Journal next week.

Oh, and the word Veermyn seems to have crept out into the wider world – they say the pen is mightier than the sword, but clearly Photoshop would win in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Obviously Veermyn can mean only one thing…


… or Fishmen.

Have a great weekend.

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