This week, the Veer-Myn Reserve and Mega Forces are available to order, including the first retail appearance of the Tunnel Runners and Tunneller. If you don’t know who the Veer-Myn are, read on to find out more…

The Veer-Myn are one of the greatest alien threats to humanity since the events of the Mandrake Rebellion. Although the Forge Fathers and Asterians are technologically superior, they can be reasoned with and placated through commerce and diplomacy. The Veer-Myn cannot be calmed through such methods. Despite their appearance, they are alien throughout and stealthy enough to survive at the centre of the galaxy-spanning GCPS.

When they were first encountered, no one considered these creatures, who resembled the rodents of Old Earth, to be a threat. Many starships and colonies held Veer-Myn nests and apart from equipment occasionally disappearing, they seemed to be peaceful. The Veer-Myn were allowed to spread throughout the GCPS unhindered.

Before long, starships started ‘going dark’ – vanishing without any contact, only to reappear months later, devoid of crews and supplies. Colonies were attacked and overwhelmed by hordes of bestial creatures, wielding deadly chemical weaponry and piloting looted industrial equipment. As these events grew in frequency, the ruling Council of Seven realised their error. The Veer-Myn were a threat; they were intelligent; and now, they were everywhere.

Veer-Myn armies are built around fielding large broods of lesser Veer-Myn – known as Crawlers or Stalkers – reinforced by potent, if temperamental, weaponry and hulking beasts. At the head of these forces are the ruling castes of Veer-Myn society. The malicious Progenitors create and improve the Veer-Myn’s weaponry, while the powerful Brood Mothers seem to display an innate control over the other creatures in the army.

Veer-Myn technology is heavily radioactive or based on corrosive chemical agents. Haphazard in nature, these creatures seem to delight in experimenting with new and more violent weapons to unleash up their foes. These devices and vehicles are often stolen and repurposed from human colonists, although the Veer-Myn always seem to gravitate towards chemical weaponry, despite more stable armaments being available to them.

Most Veer-Myn tools serve a dual purpose as both weaponry and mining equipment; adapted to their subterranean lifestyle. This is especially true of the Tunneller, a large boring machine that has been adapted with either transport capacity or heavy weaponry. The Veer-Myn utilise these machine in devastating shock-and-awe attacks, burrowing out of the ground beneath their enemies’ feet, before opening fire with short-range chem-throwers.

Across the GCPS the Veer-Myn are rising. Corporate forces are struggling to contain their swarms, even through the use of Containment Protocols. Armies are being out-maneuvered, out-numbered and out-gunned by Veer-Myn forces. Although the GCPS would never admit to it, they live in fear of the day when the Veer-Myn over power their militaries and are free to wreak destruction across the stars.

If you want to start your own Veer-Myn nest, then you can pick up the Veer-Myn Starter Force, Reserve Force or Mega Force from our website right now to get started!

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