Wrap it up baby! AdeptiCon 2018 done!

30th Mar 2018

Pat "Chopper" Lewis

Allright, allright, allright!  What a week!  AdeptiCon 2018 is done and in the books.  Great times and great people make this one of my favorite cons to go to.  So let’s recap on what happened in case you weren’t able to come along.

AdeptiCon 2018 foyer to the dealer room.

Wednesday was the hard part.  Getting the booth all set up and ready for you crazy people to come by and buy all the new hotness.  Special shout out to the Pathfinders and Deadzone the Podcast who came out to give a hand setting up.  You guys are fire.

So it begins…

The Kings of War Team Tournament kicked off the con Thursday morning.  Twenty teams came out and battled with The Shoemakers repeating as Team Tournament Champions.  This is fan favorite and a great way to start the gaming weekend.  Event results will be posted soon.

Following that we had the AdeptiCorp Cup 2018.  This DreadBall tournament  had fourteen coaches come out and battle for the title of National Champion pro temp until the official tournament at MantiCon is scheduled.  Stay tune for more info on that as we hash out all the relevant information.   Congratulation to Coach Geoff Burbidge for being the National Champ and we look forward to him defending at MantiCon.  Event results will be posted soon here.

DreadBall practice

Friday started with Deadzone: Battle for Schaum-Berg IV.  This tournament had eighteen Commanders come with their strike forces and fought for one of the coveted Sgt. Howlett trophy.

All the winners…

After four rounds, Commander Adam Kinne emerged from the smoke and fire as National Champion for Deadzone in North America.  Jon Carter’s face was blurred for his protection. Event results will be posted soon.

The winners!

Right after almost everyone in the Deadzone tournament headed over to the 1st ever Warpath: Firefight tournament, Conflict of Commanders 2018.  Sixteen competitors showed up and played some fantastic games.

NYC vs Chiraq!

Congratulations to Eric Newell  for being the first Conflict of Commanders 2018 National Champion! We’ll see you at MantiCon to defend your title.  Event results to be posted soon.

Bling bling….

Saturday saw the Kings of War AdeptiClash. Twenty-four players brought their armies to the field of battle and fought for a free spot at the Clash of Kings 2018 at MantiCon.  With the UK Champion coming to compete, the competition should be awesome.  Congratulations to local player, Shannon Shoemaker for taking home and keeping the gold here in Illinois.

Jesse Cromwell and Shannon Shoemaker square off.

Results for the the AdeptiClash 2018 are here.

I’m sure you’ve all seen this by now but I just love it so.  If you came by the booth or stopped by Mantic Open Night (I’ll be covering that in another blog) you saw this lovely brute.  Can’t wait for April.

Is it hot in here?

AdeptiCon wasn’t just about tournaments.  Plenty of fun and games were to be had in the Mantic Room that was Utopia D.  Thursday and Friday night was a lot of open gaming going on from Dungeon Saga to putting together the Veer-myn Mega Force.

Star Saga!

Gotta build it all!

Dungeon Saga!

The two biggest hits were the Deadzone Jetbike races.  Players were encouraged to bring their own Corporate sponsored Jet Bikes to compete in one of three heats and the top two of each heat would compete in the finals to be Champion of AdeptiCon.

Go Speed Go!

This year also saw the return of an old favorite Deadzone: MechWars.  In this event players were also encourage to bring their own “Mech” to battle in the Deadzone arena to be crowned Champion.  Stridors, Iron Ancestors and even a Giant Robot were seen battling.

2 Mechs enter, 1 Mech leaves.

Is this game like POGS?

Finally all weekend we had the Kings of War Big Game.  Special thanks to Rusty Gouldman and Blake Shrode for hauling their massive board and 15000 points a side armies!  It’s ridiculous but looks so awesome. If you’d like to see it in person we’ll have it at Gen Con if you can make it out.

Now that’s a big game!

Well that’s it I think.  If there is anyone I forgot to give shout out to…forgiveness and I hope to see all of you again next year!

See you next year!