Fancy becoming a Mantic stockist or want your local store to stock Mantic? If so then contact us.

Please see below for the retailers and online web stores that stock Mantic’s range:

4th Planet Games

Acme Games

Arondight Gaming LTD

Adrian’s Wall

Steadfast Engineering Supplies ltd T/A Alchemists Workshops

Boards and Swords Hobbies

Black Dragon Miniatures

Bookends Cardigan

Board in Brum Ltd

Bad Moon Cafe Ltd

Bag of Holding

A Better World Comic And Games Website 

Bad Wolf Gaming

Crazy Cat Games

Comic Games and Coffee Ltd

Composite Games Limited

Dark Sphere Ltd


Elliston Art

Elegance and Decadence Ltd

Emporium of Rare and Remarkable Gaming

Excelsior! Comics

Fields of Glory Ltd

Games and Cards UK

The Gamers’ Emporium

GI Games

Gamerz Nexus

Goblin Gaming Limited

Game On! Snakes & Lattes

Holmfirth Gaming Centre


Imps Gaming

The Immersive World Crafter

Kapow Comics

Langden Games

Larp Inn

Lvl Up Gaming

Meeples’ Corner

Mox in the Hole Website

Mighty Lancer Games

Mirth Myth and Magic Limited

Magic Madhouse

Monarch Tabletop Games

Murphy’s Vault

Panzer Command

Pointyhead Games

Rule and Die Games

RK Studio

RPG Models

Red Scar Publishing

Stronghold games 

Spirit Games

102 High Street, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1LJ, UK. Shop Opening Hours: 10-6 Tuesday to Friday 10-5 Saturday


The Grumpy Pony

The Gaming Table

The Outpost

The Pit Gaming Shop

Tabletop Republic

VC Games

Warlord N Wizards Wargaming

Warfair Trading

Wayland Games

Wargamers Den

The Wargames Store

Zatu Games Ltd




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