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The Umbrella Academy – The Board Game – Collector’s Edition

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The Umbrella Academy – The Board Game – Collector’s Edition

This is the Collector’s Edition of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ – which comes with the core game, villain miniatures, minion miniatures, the Terminauts expansion, young heroes expansion and the Temps Aeternalis expansion. It’s the ultimate and best way to play the game!

Players: 1-5, Age: 13+, Duration: ~60 minsGenre: Co-operative Adventure Game

Inspired by the best-selling comic book series from Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá! Umbrella Academy: The Board Game is an easy-to-learn board game for up to five players.

Choose from Space Boy, Number Five, Séance, Rumor or Kraken, then make the most of your incredible abilities to try and save the world! But being part of a dysfunctional family of superheroes isn’t always easy; long-lasting feuds can mess up your best laid plans…

Each turn the countdown to the apocalypse edges ever closer, as threats spread throughout the city. Can you defeat them all in time? The fate of the world is in your hands!



  • 1 x Umbrella Academy core game,
  • 1 x Villain miniatures expansion
  • 1 x Minion miniatures expansion
  • 1 x Terminauts expansion
  • 1 x Young heroes expansion
  • 1 x Temps Aeternalis expansion