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GCPS Bronco Armoured Car

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GCPS Bronco Armoured Car
Mantic Direct

A more advanced cousin of the ubiquitous GCPS Mule Transport, the Bronco Armoured Car is equipped with the Type 25 Cannon and a selection of shell types for different battlefield roles. Its bodywork has been designed by corporation military engineers for compatibility with Adaptive Camouflage packs, making this vehicle a truly versatile asset in the hands of a seasoned commander.

NOTE: This kit can also be assembled as a Marauder Bronco Armoured Car, a Mazon Labs Black Wing Armoured Car, or a Plague Despoiler Armoured Car, and includes their respective ranged weapon options.


1 x Plastic GCPS Mule Kit

1 x Resin Bronco Upgrade Pack (also including ranged weapon options for other factions)