GCPS Wolverine Tank / APC

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GCPS Wolverine Tank / APC
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The venerable Wolverine has been in service to the GCPS for centuries. First introduced to frontline combat by the Jarek Corporation in 723AE during the Siege of Arkon VII, the design was seemingly a throwback to a bygone era. However, due to its durability, ruggedness and utility, it quickly became popular with remote outposts where funding the latest military hardware, and finding the people and parts to maintain it, was a serious challenge. The basic design has remained fairly stable through the years, although local customisations and modifications can be found throughout the GCPS. One of the most obvious, and prevalent variants is the APC, used to safely transport infantry into the thick of the action.

While the mega-corporations like Mazon Labs exclusively showcase the latest military hardware, many remote garrisons in the outer spheres will frequently field Wolverine formations, as they are so cheap and easy to keep running – but of course, where a planet or sector has fallen to the Plague, then the very same vehicles will fall into the hands of the infected. The Marauders especially like it – it has a certain brutish charm that appeals to their nature.

NOTES: The Wolverine can be deployed by the following factions – GCPS, Marauders, & Plague. This vehicle can be built as either a Wolverine Tank or a Wolverine APC.


1 x Hard Plastic Wolverine Tanks

1 x Resin APC Turrets

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires super glue. We recommend washing resin models in warm, soapy water before painting.