Contents: 1 PVC Plastic Shayo Silverback, 1 PVC Plastic Eriq Umunsar, 2 PVC Plastic Sphyr Hunters, 2 PVC
Plastic Rin Nomads, 2 PVC Plastic Sorak Sword spawn, 2 PVC Plastic Human Troopers, 2 PVC Plastic Simian
Brawlers, 2 PVC Plastic Rebs Troopers, 2 PVC Plastic Yndij, and 1 PVC Plastic Sorak. PVC Plastic supplied assembled and unpainted. Rebs Troopers, Yndij, and Sorak supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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Shayo Silverback is a controversial figure, even inside the Rebellion. On the one hand, he is a prized intelligence specialist, with spies hidden across the GCPS and a number of devastating raids to his name.
However, he is also ruthless and aggressive, frequently coming into conflict with other rebel leaders over his tactics and strategies. His cell has enemies everywhere, and Shayo has eyes watching them all.

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