We want you to get involved with helping us playtest Firefight V2! Firefight is a sci-fi skirmish game in which you command squads of soldiers and powerful vehicles in order to dominate the battlefield.

The playtest rules are a chance for you to try the new edition and give us feedback about what works and what doesn’t. The rules are most certainly not final, which you’ll see when you download the PDF.

However, there’s enough to get you started. The playtest rules now include six factions: Asterians, Enforcers, Forge Fathers, GCPS, Plague and Veer-myn.

Make sure you download all the files after checking out.




Welcome to the Public Beta release of the new Firefight rule set. We have been developing this new set of rules over the last year or so, and we are delighted the rules have got to a point where some wider and more strenuous testing is required. This is a great opportunity for YOU to get involved in making Firefigtht V2 amazing!


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