Nightstalker Mega Army

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Plastic, Resin & Metal

When the power of the Abyss waxes strong, large forces of Nightstalkers tear their way into reality. Mewling, skittering hordes advance, led by ancient cyclopean beings from the darkest depths of existence. Survivors of such attacks are rare and all who do escape lose their minds and souls forever.

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Summon the Nightstalkers

This set contains a massive Nightstalker army for Kings of War, including:

  • 30 Hard Plastic Spectres/Scarecrows
  • 10 Resin and Plastic Phantoms
  • 10 Resin and Plastic Reapers
  • 6 Plastic Butchers
  • 10 Resin and Plastic Shadowhounds
  • 7 Plastic Horrors
  • 1 Resin and Plastic Terror
  • Plastic and MDF bases

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires superglue.


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Most of the nightstalkers are the echoes of the Conclave of Heaven – those whose physical forms were lost when the Celestians were split. These are desperate, tortured beings, denied both life and death by their cruel quasi-existence and driven insane.


The beasts of the ocean were ripped bodily from the plunging depths and trenches of the world’s seas. Terrors are one such unfortunate kind of creature – grotesque masses of blubber, slime and indiscriminate parts of the kraken they might once have been.


The zombie-like Scarecrows are always right behind you, shuffling relentlessly and endlessly no matter how fast you run. These shambling beings make up the bulk of nightstalker incursions, assembling in great hordes to overwhelm their prey.

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