• 1x Abyssal Dwarf Warband Set and cards for 5x Decimator, 5x Blacksoul, 1x Immortal Guard,  1x Mobile Katsuchan, 1x Abyssal Halfbreed,  3x Slave Orc, 1x Iron Caster, 2x Mutated Mastiff, 1x Warband Reference Card and 1x Spells Reference Card.
  • 1x Abyssal Dwarf Warband Booster and cards for 2xGargoyle, 1x Immortal Guard, 1x Lesser Obsidian Golem, 1x Charnox, 1x Immortal Guardian.
  • 1x  Abyssal Dwarf Support Pack Infernox and cards for the iron caster and the infernox.
  • 1x Ratkin Slaves Reinforcements and cards for 4x Ratkin Slave and 1x Slave driver.
  • 1x  Metal Abyssal Dwarf Ironcaster
  • 1x  Metal Abyssal Dwarf Slavedriver

Models supplied unpainted and unassembled. Super glue is required for metal and resin miniatures.



Want to get everything you need to start an Abyssal Dwarf Warband with just one click? This web exclusive bundle contains all the new releases, plus a Slave Driver and Iron Caster.



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