This set contains everything you need to get started with Kings of War Vanguard, including:

Vanguard Rulebook

  • Full rules for playing Kings of War Vanguard, covering combat, power dice, terrain, and more!
  • 12 challenging scenarios
  • Background for the world of Mantica and the factions who fight there
  • Starter Warband lists and faction-specific spells for the Basileans, Dwarfs, Elves, Northern Alliance, Forces of Nature, Forces of the Abyss, Ogres, Trident Realm, Abyssal Dwarfs, Empire of Dust, Goblins, Nightstalkers, Orcs, and Undead
  • Equipment lists for arming your troops
  • Advanced spellbook with alignment-specific spells
  • Rules for Campaigns, from building your Company, advancing through experience, to tying your games into Kings of War!

Vanguard Power Dice

  • 5 Red Power DIce
  • 2 White Power Dice
  • 1 Blue Power Dice

Vanguard Equipment Cards

  • 66 reference equipment reference cards to use during play

Please note, the Vanguard Power Dice do not include packaging.


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Vanguard gives you the chance to explore the world through the eyes of an elite Warband. Whether they are tasked with plundering an enemy camp, burning their stores, stealing information or the assassination of an enemy commander, the scouting parties of the vanguard are always in the thick of the action, operating alone and in the greatest of danger.


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