27th Feb 2023

Pat Lewis

It’s that time of year again.  That time when Mantic heads to Schaumburg and we blow the doors off at AdeptiCon.

It’s Pat here to tell you what have we going on and why should you come and see us!


Let’s talk events first.  On the Thursday afternoon we have the Kings of War Team Tournament.  That tournament consists of a team of two each playing a thousand point army.  There are a few spots left open for that and you have until late Tuesday 28th February to get signed up! You can follow this link to the Adepticon events part of the sites.

Friday is a full day with Armada National Championships and Firefight National Championships.  Your fleet will be no more than 200 points and this is a three round event.  As of writing this blog this event is sold out!  Don’t worry though, if you want to play in the Armada National Championship please register and get on the wait list.  We will open more spots if we can!  The Firefight National Championships follow Armada.  For Firefight your army will consist of one thousand points and this is a three round event. As of the writing of this, there are only two spots left!  Do not miss out on the Game of the Year!

Saturday is also a big day.  It is the start of the Clash of Kings, The Kings of War National Championships.  This is a two day, five round event.  Your army will consist of 2300 points.  There are only two more spots left for the Clash so don’t miss out.  Running concurrently with the Clash is the Deadzone National Championship.  Your Strike Force for this event will consist of two hundred points and this will be a four round event. As of the writing of this blog there is only one spot left!

If tournament play isn’t your bag then we have the Kings of War Big Game, Hellboy: The A-Team scenario, and Doomball a Deadzone based Veer-myn sports game!  These events are scattered throughout the weekend.

All rules for these events can be found on the Rules and Resource page on the site.

Saturday also has us holding the Brush With Death painting competition.  To enter all you have to do is bring your entry to the Mantic Booth by no later than 5pm.  The entry categories are: Fantasy Single Model, Fantasy Unit, Fantasy Monster/Giant, Sci Fi Single Model, Sci Fi Unit, and Sci Fi Vehicle/Large Model.  Hellboy miniatures will be entered in the Sci Fi category.  A full set of rules can be found on the Rules and Resource page on the site under Painting Competitions.

If that’s not enough for you, Saturday night has the return of Mantic Open Night!  Tickets for that can be bought on the Mantic Website.  The ticket will gain you entry into the event where there will be a Q&A with Martin, Pat and Kyle, a Mantic logo campfire mug, two drink tickets and a small goodie item.


Finally we’ll have the Mantic booth there with all the goodness that is Mantic.  There will be plenty of specials including if you take part in any of the events you get ten dollars off the Mantic booth and if you take part in an event and spend over a hundred dollars then you get twenty dollars off.

We’ll have the new Mazon Labs army for Firefight as well as the new Trident Realms fleet for Armada.  There will be a limited show special model for Hellboy: The Board Game.  More on that later…..

Want something specific?

Customers ordering via our Webstore from the United States will again have the option to collect their order from us at Adepticon. You will need to get your order in by the 10th March, and select ‘Collect at Adepticon’ at checkout. You won’t be charged any shipping on your order and we will have it ready for you on the Mantic stand.

PLEASE NOTE that we will not be able to bring orders with us that contain products that are still on pre-order/back-order, so please check before you select your shipping option!

So as you can see there are things a plenty going on at AdeptiCon so don’t miss out.  If you’re on the fence about an event, get registered. Spots are closing up fast and don’t forget you only have until Tuesday 28th February to get signed up!  We’ll see you in a couple of weeks!

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