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Ambush Week – Kings Of War A Quick Guide

9th Jan 2023

Jonny Mann

Hey Folks, Jonny here,

Next Monday see the release of the first wave of Ambush sets so this week its… AMBUSH WEEK! We will have an array of great blogs and videos this week so keep watching.

Many of you fans reading this will be hardened veterans and know everything there is to know about this fantastic game but believe it or not there are STILL people out there that are yet to experience the wonders of Kings Of War!

Well this is for them, so why not grab those friends that have been sitting on the fence and invite them in.

What is kings Of War?

Kings Of War is a brilliant game of mass combat between powerful armies in a fantasy setting torn apart by epic struggles and legendary battles. Its fast-paced, competitive (and yet fun) rules a perfect for massed battles between hundreds upon hundreds of troops or intense small scale skirmishes (more on this later).

Kings Of War is fought out using a range of superbly detailed Mantic miniatures designed to inspire hobby creativity and tell the story of Pannithor. Players build their army with units set to fit within a set footprint instead of individual bases, be that on movement trays or more commonly through “Multibasing“. This means you can bring your hobby to life in evocative ways to truly personalise and theme your army, were each and every unit becomes a stunning diorama.

Martin's Riftforged Orc Horde

But how does it play?

Both players each choose one of the incredible armies available from the fantasy world of Pannithor in the “all in one” Rulebook. They build their force by spending “points” to an agreed limit, around 2000 points tends to be the norm. Then, once your incredible forces are deployed on the table, you each take it in turns to move, shoot and fight with all of your units.

In Kings of War each unit has a nerve value rather than each model having “wounds”. What this means is that once the units nerve is broken, the entire unit is removed from the game. This is amazing not just in terms of game play, allowing fast paced actions but it also means you will always have a brilliant looking “complete” army on the table, rather than sporadic soldiers dotted around the field.

You are tasked with engaging your opponent by constructing an army list full to the brim with infantry and cavalry, enormous titans and creepy monsters, honourable heroes, war engines and even magic! The gameplay is quick to learn and challenging to master. During battle your army you will have a range of tactical choices to make, mastering these will then direct you in the sort of army you like to field and allow you to build the force that best suits your strategy.


The world of Pannithor is the setting for Kings Of War and is a land that is in a perpetual state of instability and change. Wars rage on land and sea! From small scale ambushes, castle sieges and large scale war, the armies of the world engage in full scale devastating conflict.

The narrative of Pannithor evolves and changes through game input from you, our amazing and dedicated player base. International campaigns and events drive the characters and races forward, influencing the world and even how we design units in the future. In Kings of War, you truly have a direct impact on the world in which you game in.

Choose from a assortment of different and unique factions to fight for power and fame. Races of pure good, blessed by the Shining Ones such as the stalwart Northern Alliance, the divine Forces of Basilea, and stubborn Dwarfs. Or take to the darker side of the world as the minions of the Wicked Ones with the endless Forces of the Abyss, insidious Nightstalkers, and vile Undead.

Getting started just got easier!

New players keen to get started can begin gaming right away by constructing an army to play Ambush! Ambush is the new way to play Kings of War at a smaller points level but still get that same joyful Kings of War experience.

Rules can be found in the Rulebook HERE

Ambush is a terrific way to get to grips with the game and grow your collection, then you can add new and exciting units that bring your army to full mass fantasy wargames scale!

We’ll have much more on Ambush all this week but if you can’t wait, why not head over the the webstore and start your army now! HERE

Whether you connect with players all over the world for events and tournaments or play in your garage, the Mantic community will welcome you with open arms and excitement!

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