Hi Ronnie here,

Just wanted to give everybody a quick update on Armada. It’s currently all hands on deck to get Armada out to everyone as quickly as possible… but 2020 continues to make sure it’s a battle right to the end!

Sadly, the new UK COVID lockdowns threw yet another spanner in the works and we are slightly behind schedule – but only by 3 to 4 days currently – and I have to thank the tremendous efforts of the team at Mantic HQ for that delay being so small.

The great news is shipping has now started – and to make sure everyone gets their order as quickly as possible we’re prioritising trade shipments to Australia, the USA and then sending out UK and Europe, followed by Rest of World. We are using the same rota for the Web orders, running slightly behind the retail despatches – and because the majority of web orders qualified for free shipping these will be sent via courier – so keep an eye on your emails for a notification. Once you see that it’s only a day or 2 away!
This means the first shipments (to the farthest corners of the earth) will be on the way today.

As the US and Australia takes longer to arrive, in theory everyone should start to receive their orders at roughly the same time. It will be full steam ahead through the end of this week, all of next, and realistically into early the week after for a few stragglers.

That does mean that many stores will start receiving goods throughout next week, and your fleets should be with them and ready to collect before the end of November. We will keep the retail store up to speed with their shipments too, so check in with them. We can say that if it has been ordered by a store, or on our website, then it will be shipped shortly. We stopped taking new orders early to ensure everyone gets the items they ordered.

Always a worry when someone’s screen is in a shot… but this looks above board.

Armada has been a huge project (and much bigger than our initial forecasts!) and every team in the company has been involved with either casting, quality control or packing up ready to get this out to you. We’re incredibly proud of the game and what the whole company has pulled together to produce (night and day + weekends too!) and look forward to seeing all the happy customers diving into the game when it lands.

Thank you for your patience. You’ll be setting sail soon – and if you want to find out more about what we have planned for Armada – or indeed any of the Mantic games, then please join us on Saturday for the (virtual) Mantic Open day… CLICK here for info – it will be a blast!

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