This month sees the first armoured vehicles deployed to the Warpath universe. While the Enforcers are reinforced by the Interceptor and Persecutor, it is the Forge Father Star Realm that wields Mantic’s very first Tanks.

The mighty Sturnhammer is the Main Battle Tank of the Forge Fathers. Heavily armed and armoured, this indomitable vehicle is the bane of GCPS commanders across the galaxy. Even Enforcer Commanders have learned to swiftly prioritise a Sturnhammer’s destruction, for even one of these tanks can cripple armoured support or suppress enough infantry to render any kind of battleplan useless.

This is a beautifully detailed hard plastic kit, measuring 12cm long, 8cm wide and 5 cm high (not including the turret) – large enough to be a suitably imposing force on the battlefield. As you’d expect of one of the most technologically advanced races in the galaxy, the Sturnhammer kit is built to be adaptable to many roles. Each Sturnhammer is outfitted with either an anti-infantry Heavy Hailstorm Autocannon, or an anti-armour Heavy Magma Cannon.

Alternatively, if you favour getting up close and personal with your enemies, you can build the Brandr Urban Assault Vehicle, which mounts a Heavy Dragonbreath Flamethrower and Dozer Blade. The Brandr is also capable of carrying up to five infantry, ready to disembark and assault enemy positions in the wake of the Brandr’s Flamethrower – perfect for a unit of Forge Guard or Throgarim!

For transporting their line infantry, the Forge Fathers rely on the sturdy Drakkar APC. Capable of transporting up to 10 infantry, the Drakkar not only protects its passengers from harm, but also makes up for the Forge Fathers’ naturally slower pace. Few enemy commanders expect the dwarfs to be a swift assault force, but with your Steel Warriors mounted up in Drakkars, you can quickly redeploy your warriors across the battlefield, to capture key positions or focus on the eradication of your opponent’s entrenched forces.

When supported by the Forge Father Weapons Platforms and the smaller Hultr Half-tracks, a Forge Father army can bury its opponent under a fusillade of firepower, while surging across the battlefield with unexpected speed. You can pick up the Sturnhammer (with parts to build both turrets, the Brandr and the Drakkar) here, or as part of the Forge Father Reserve Force or Forge Father Mega Force. Because we know that you’ll likely want to field a lot of Drakkars (perhaps an entirely mechanised force?) we’ve also made it available separately without the Sturnhammer and Brandr turrets for a lower price. So what are you waiting for? Deploy your tanks and prepare to overwhelm your foes with their combined firepower!

If you want to try Warpath for yourself, you can pick up the Rulebooks or download the free rules from our website!

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