BRING A CLERIC! – A Dungeon Adventures Review

30th Jan 2023

Jonny Mann

Hey Folks, Jonny here, 

Recently we sent out some review copies of TerrainCrate: Dungeon Adventures and this week we take a look at the some of the resoundingly positive feedback. 

First up, a U.S Pathfinder legend,

Over to you John Jack.

We took a dive into TerrainCrate’s, Dungeon Adventures: Into the Necromancer’s Lair this weekend.

Three words for the adventurers: BRING A CLERIC!

The one shot/side quest was really well put together. There were enough prompts for the Game Master to read and options for scaling up the number of players. It is indeed quite challenging, so make sure you ply the GM with lots of snacks prior!

You supply your own heroes, minions and bosses in this adventure box, but there are additional sets available that have whatever you might need if you’re just starting out.

The double sided maps looked great and the amount of terrain you get is remarkable. It’s split between several pieces from the Torture Chamber, Dark Lord’s Tower, and Graveyard set. If you’re looking for content that ALSO comes with terrain bits and a map, this is a perfect way to get more stuff for a reasonable price.

Other sites might offer content with roughly the same amount of digital/soft copy scenarios but without fully printed maps and all this terrain!

This box set is a great addition to aspiring GMs and also those veterans.

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