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Clash Of Kings 2022 – A Review

3rd Oct 2022

Jonny Mann

Welcome to Mantic Monday!

Well that’s Clash Of Kings over for another year but what a Clash it was! As the dust settles on the battlefields of Pannithor we take a look at the winners, show off some pictures and share our thoughts on this cracking weekend!

The Results

First things first, the bit you are all interested in most, who rained supreme, which team came out on top and which armies will be hit with the nerf stick were victorious!


1st Place: Javier Ancizu
2nd: Antonio Carrasco
3rd: Tom Robinson

You can find the full ranking and see who took what army HERE

Team Standings:

1st KownQuences: 115 + 104 + 88 + 76 = 383
2nd 7GoCeres: 112 + 100 + 83 + 81 = 376
3rd Woo: 106 + 97 + 85 + 75 = 363
4th FLANK: 101 + 85 + 84 + 74 = 344
5th Republican Knights: 87 + 87 + 72 + 72 = 318
6th Midland Masters: 104 + 79 + 73 + 55 = 311
7th Wooden Spooners: 96 + 85 + 70 + 48 = 299
8th War Rakers: 83 + 66 + 63 + 58 = 270
9th Los Violentos de Nachos: 78 + 71 + 69 = 218
10th Calamity: 87 + 66 + 61 = 214

Best Painted Army: Matt Gee
Best Painted Hero: Steve Hildrew
Best Painted Monster: John Green

Counter Charger (Most Mediocre): Ian Whip

Most Sporting: Seb Reeves

Our Thoughts

To Start, it was my (Jonny) very first Clash Of Kings and it was all i could have hoped for and more, you folks were as warm and welcoming as ever. It was fantastic to see so many players enjoying the best fantasy rank and flank game around in a venue full of like minded gamers. It was great to see how many players from other systems stopped in their tracks to share in the spectacle and hopefully now with a free rulebook in hand they will join the ranks and help expand the game even more!

To see so many people come over from abroad to play toy soldiers was incredible, almost as incredible as the ability of the Spanish to party like they did Saturday night AND still win best team and overall 1st and 2nd on Sunday!

Ronnie was overwhelmed by how many Mantic armies there were on display, almost all in fact. The atmosphere was superb and we are all looking forward to an even bigger and even better Clash Of Kings next year!

We will be sharing more pictures and videos throughout the week so do keep an eye out.

A special thanks to the LGT for welcoming us in and providing us with a great venue and a thank you to Ronnie, Elliott and Kyle for all their hard efforts.

Most of all, a massive thank you to all those that took part this year and made it truly special!


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