Hey everyone! It’s time for the return of our irregular community update! Of course, the intention is to do these weekly but we keep forgetting. So, this DEFINITELY marks the return of the weekly update… or at least fortnightly. Perhaps a monthly update?! Anyway, the main point is… LOOK AT ALL THE LOVELY MINIS!

Armada is still the new hotness and we’ve seen plenty of awesome fleets. So many, in fact, that we could have had an entire update of Armada fleets. We start with Daniel Kennedy’s Basilean fleet. We haven’t seen a purple Basilean fleet, so this is a really unique colour scheme and it looks superb.

You wait for one purple Basilean fleet to come along… and then two come along at once. Christian Schlumpberger’s fleet is just *chef’s kiss* The sails, in particular, are especially well done.

Carrying on the Armada theme, Paul Mulls has painted one of the XL ships (available now, Armada fans). This mirrors the studio paint job nicely and we can’t wait to see more of these on the tabletop.

Our final Armada selection is this rather excellent Empire of Dust fleet by Carl Newbould. Again, we’ve got more purple sails… must be something in the water.

Moving away from Armada but staying in Pannithor, Robert Zimmerman’s dwarf sharpshooters are looking, well, pretty sharp. The use of terrain to make a shield is a great alternative to the large shields.

Meanwhile, the curiously named Matt Varnish, shared this rather moody picture of a zombie regiment. The muted colours mean the bloody red really stands out and makes the unit particularly striking.

From a single regiment, to a full army now. Eddie Bar shared a picture of his rather spectacular Abyssal Dwarf army. It’s great to see army shots like this and really helps to demonstrate the spectacle of Kings of War.

Hang on… another purple paint scheme? Seriously, what’s going on here? Anyway, here you can see Bill Bennett’s Asterian strike team for Deadzone. There’s been plenty of sci-fi activity on social media, following the announcement of Firefight Second Edition, so it’s great to see more people adding to their squads.

Our final selection from the community is Rob Gan’s Iron Ancestor. The contrasting colours work really well on this one… and we’d love to see an entire strike team squad with some Steel Warriors in a similar scheme.

Meanwhile, over at Mantic HQ, lifelong Ratkin player Martin has recently finished this rather amazing Scuzz… Sducz… Scuzzdl… Ratkin Demonspawn. Martin’s been experimenting with oil paints – as they’re the cool new thing – and they’ve worked great on this.

Finally, Rob’s made a start on his new halfling army by painting up a couple of models from the League of Infamy Kickstarter. Here you can see the Sauceror and the Master Chef. He’s been pestering Dave for some test shots of the new hard plastics too… so should hopefully be able to add to this army soon.