Campaigns are a series of linked games, both in terms of narrative and gameplay. Forces are selected in a different manner than in stand alone games – working on the idea of a Campaign force, referred to as an army. This is similar to a Strike Team, but much larger. Whereas a Strike team is chosen on a per game basis and can be changed from game to game, an army is selected at the beginning of a campaign and does not change. Casualties are permanent and are tracked along with experience.


The suggested size for a campaign army is 500 points, compared to 100 points for a Strike Team for a normal game. Unlike Strike Teams, you can select multiple leaders for your army, but you may only ever field one at a time. Otherwise, an army follows the same restrictions as a Strike Team.


As you play, you select Strike Teams from your army. Those who take part in battles may earn experience, and rank up each rank give them access to special abilities or stat increases. Each time you play, you and your opponent compare ‘Veteran Levels’ – the combine ranks of all of your Strike Team. If there is a significant difference then not only will the lower team gain more experience from fighting a stronger Strike Team, but you will also have access to ‘Veteran Dice’ one use dice that can be added to any dice test in a game.dropship

In between games, you’ll be able to recruit new units for your army, add any items you picked up in your last game to your stores to be used again, check if any casualties will live to fight again and finally, explore the Deadzone. Exploration itself adds a nice piece of narrative to your campaign, as you pick through the horrors of a Deadzone. Will you strike it lucky and find some abandoned supplies, or be the victim of a hostile ambush?


Each of the Faction Starters is designed to provide both a good range of models for a Strike Team or enough models to build a full army. Faction Boosters can also cater to this, but contain some of the more exotic units and options not commonly found in Strike Teams. All of the rules above can be found in the Deadzone rulebook, so what are you waiting for? Choose your faction now!

The Deadzone Rulebook contains full campaign rules for games, whilst the Enforcers and Forge Fathers have Faction Starters and Boosters available for you to build your own campaign forces with. For the full selection of troops, the Army Deals include one Faction Starter, one Faction Booster and a Mercenary to recruit to your force.

For a campaign in a box, look no further than The Battle for Hera – a massive bundle with all of the Forge Fathers, Enforcers and scenery you’ll need to fight this conflict! Pre-order yours now!

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