So…a start to a new year.  With that comes new things such as new campaigns for Kings of War, Dreadball or Deadzone.  If you’re looking for a new way of running your Deadzone campaign then Jonny P from Mantic North America podcast has a new flavor of running a Deadzone campaign.  Here’s a little from Jonny himself.


Goat Sector 58 Update

We are halfway through with our group’s Deadzone campaign, the Battle for Goat Sector 58.  Games are played at a store called the Gaming Goat, and it’s located on Route 58.  It works right?

The campaign is broken up into Intervals, each lasting two weeks.  After Intervals 1 & 2, we had to tweak some of the campaign rules.  After Interval 3, no tweaks were made.  And last night we played Interval 4 and once again no tweaks.  This is good, and tells me that our system may becoming along nicely.

The campaign system in the Deadzone rulebook is a good start but I felt some things needed to be changed to ensure our players had the most fun possible:

1) Letting people use cool stuff right away — no clearances
2) Allowing players to start small (ie a starter set) then increase pts as time went on (boosters and other toys)
3) Allowing you to get attached to models and not have them die so quick — injury table
4) Separate reputation and experience pts — spend EXP on upgrades, and Rep is more like a Dreadball team rating.
5) Connect to our existing league/club storyline in the Warpath universe — create Campaign Bonus Mission chart for additional ways to gain REP



Have a look at the rules at the links above and keep up to date with the standings as well.  Rosters are linked to each Strike Force name.

Here are the results from last nights game.  It was Interval 4, so your Strike Force is now up to 120pts, and your Strike Team is 80pts.  Per our rules, it’s now 11VPs for a victory, and now you can buy Holo-Sights, Smoke Grenades, in addition to previous equipment allowed like Ammo, AP Ammo, Frag Grenades, and Medi-packs (unused Medi-packs have a house rule that lets you add +3 to Injury roll to save a death too)


011214_BabylonVSRazormawsRazormaws (Marauders)

Mission: Steady Lads

Babylon Strain (Plague)
Mission: Head Hunt

Campaign Bonus Mission: Score 4 kills with Helfather

RESULTS: Razormaws win. Babylon Strain deny Bonus

Razormaws earn 10 REP
Babylon Strain earn 7 REP


[REDACTED] (Enforcers)011214_RedactedVSDivine
Mission: Assassinate

Divine Death (Asterians)
Mission: The Only Way

Campaign Bonus Mission: Classified Records

RESULTS: Divine Death wins. [REDACTED] earns Bonus

[REDACTED] earn 10 REP
Divine Death earn 18 REP

011214_CorpRebelsVSNachosCorporate Raiders (Rebs)

Mission: Fight Another Day

Nachos Bell Grande (Enforcers)
Mission: Yankee

Campaign Bonus Mission: Bomb Squad

RESULTS: Corporate Raiders win. Nachos deny Bonus

Corporate Raiders earn 16 REP
Nachos Bell Grande earn 5 REP



Rebs 4 Less (Rebs)011214_CanariesVSRevs4Less
Mission: The Good Stuff

SyndiHedgeCorp Canaries (Human Alliance)
Mission: Never Say Die

Campaign Bonus Mission: Diplomacy

RESULTS: Canaries win. Canaries deny Bonus.

Rebs 4 Less earn 2 REP
SyndiHedgeCorp Canaries earn 16 REP


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