The Deadzone Summer Campaign starts on August 20th! To help you get set up, we’re going to focus on each faction you’ll be able to take in the campaign, including background, tactics from the rules committee, and more! Today, we’re getting ratty with the Veer-Myn.

Of the many races encountered by humanity during the expansion of the GCPS, the Veer-Myn

are possibly the most repulsive and detested. Their appearance is undoubtedly a large part of this – favouring giant, humanoid rats walking on hind paws, they evoke a primal reaction of disgust in any human who beholds them. Generally they are assumed to be mutants evolved from rats and nothing better than the Vermin from which their name is derived. Extensive study of them by Council scientists has thrown up more questions than answers, but a few things have been determined for sure, among them that the DNA of these creatures is quite unlike anything known on old Earth.

Usually living beneath the surface of occupied planets. It would appear that Veer-Myn are capable of learning from and copying the behaviours and technology of other races. Their weapons are generally less effective individually than those of others, but they are nonetheless formidable enough. Much of their technology seems borrowed and heavily modified, and a great deal of it emits radioactive and other waste that would be quite toxic to humans. Whether they suffer similarly and just do not care or have some sort of natural immunity is unclear – certainly they seem unconcerned by the sort of toxins and poisons that would give humans pause. If they communicate, it is in ways that are unclear to others, and they certainly have never attempted to initiate any contact with other races.

They are not generally aggressive, but will fight viciously if provoked. Their presence in Deadzones is usually because they are the cause, the Council preferring to keep planets subject to a Veer-Myn infestation isolated. However occasionally they either happen to live beneath the surface of a planet which is declared CP for some other reason, or they are drawn to a Deadzone from elsewhere, though by what and for what purpose is, like so much about them, unknown.

Hidden for decades just below the surface of humanity’s industrial complexes, now is the time for the Veer-Myn to break out of their gloom and bring disease and poisonous smoke to the above worlds.

Speed, numbers and hiding are the keys to success for the Veer-myn, I mean they are rats after all, so what did you expect? Keep your models shielded with smoke grenades and smoke grenade launchers in round 1 and you will tear your opponent apart in rounds 2 and 3. You are so fast you can pick your targets with ease, taking out the most expensive, useful and weakest to get an early lead. You have the numbers too, so don’t forget to grab those objectives early. Going for the objectives is often a much easier tactic for success for the Veer-Myn, rather than trying to take out the opposition.

Your bigger models such as the Nightmare, Night Terror and Tunnel Runner are all well suited to shooting and fighting. What’s more, they have good staying power to support your weaker brethren. Don’t forget the weapon options available to the Maligni to rain grenades or fire on your enemy.

In the Veer-myn Faction Starter you’ve got plenty of options to tear your opponent to pieces. The lumbering Nightmares can be armed with a range of experimental weaponry, like a massive drill or large chem thrower. You can also back them up with a range of troops. Choose from the Crawlers, who can be armed with smoke grenades, or the Stalkers, who excel in close combat.

With the Faction Starter under your belt, you can start looking at some other options. On the Mantic website, there’s the option to get a Tunnel Runner on its own, and there’s also the mysterious Tangle, which can unleash terrible Psychic attacks on your foes.

The Deadzone Summer Campaign starts on August 20th. Make sure you have your factions ready and painted in time for Containment Protocol! And remember to pick up a copy of the new supplement, Outbreak, as some missions will include newly introduced scenarios.

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