This summer Containment Protocols are in full effect thanks to the Deadzone Outbreak Summer Campaign. It’s a chance for Deadzone players around the globe to get together to decide the fate of an entire planet and it will be backed up by a range of new releases too.

Over the course of this week, we’re going to be delving deeper into the campaign by looking at: how the campaign will work, the new Nameless faction, a preview of the Outbreak supplement and lots more.  Also, make sure you’re signed up to the Mantic newsletter because this Friday we’ll be giving subscribers the opportunity to download the Firefight rules for FREE! More on that in a moment. Anyway, to kick things off, we’ve got a brief overview of everything that’s coming up over the next week…


Earlier this year we released a mini campaign booklet for Firefight called ‘Starfall’. This told the story of a backwater planet that had become the centre of GCPS attention following some tectonic shifts that uncovered precious minerals. Unfortunately, it also uncovered a resident population of Veer-myn that weren’t too happy about the invading GCPS forces. The Starfall campaign booklet introduced a series of linked missions that told this story. In fact, you can still get the Starfall booklet by ordering it from the website. It’s free and you’ll just need to pay for postage.

The book ended with a mysterious spaceship arriving in Starfall’s orbit… the Nameless had arrived! The summer campaign will take place on Starfall, as different factions land on the planet ready to exploit its natural resources and get their hands on the mysterious (and powerful) Nameless technology. Very much like the Kings of War: Edge of the Abyss campaign last year, we’ll be creating an online hub where players can upload their battle results. Each faction will have their results tallied to see who gains control of the planet. We’ll have more details about the summer campaign tomorrow, so stay tuned. But for the moment, mark August 20th in your diary as that’s when the campaign will begin!


Accompanying the summer campaign, we’ve got a brand new 88-page supplement for Deadzone. A little like Clash of Kings for Kings of War, which introduced new units and scenarios for KoW, Outbreak is pretty much Deadzone 2.1. Inside the book you’ll find re-balanced/new units for each faction, plus two brand new factions: Nameless and Mazon Labs. There are also four new scenarios, plus we’ve re-balanced the original scenarios, and introduced new pieces of equipment.

This supplement is an essential purchase for any Deadzone player and we’ll be putting it up for pre-order later this week. We’ll also be exploring the book in more detail on Wednesday to give you a taste of what’s to come!


This summer also sees the introduction of a brand-new faction for Deadzone: The Nameless. There are a number of new releases centred around the Nameless, including a Deadzone faction starter, a new expansion for Star Saga and the monstrous Goliath (aka the Monstrosity from the Star Saga Kickstarter).

In the Outbreak supplement, Christopher Verspeak explores the background of the Nameless a little more and explains why this previously peaceful race is encroaching into GCPS space. Head to the Mantic Blog on Thursday for a closer look at the terrifying Nameless.


With all this Deadzone action taking place, we realise that some people may be itching to take their Deadzone games to the next level. Firefight is the next logical step, as you only require around 30 to 50 miniatures for a decent sized scrap. As part of the Outbreak summer campaign, there will be an optional mission to play a full-on Firefight battle, as the conquest for Starfall comes to a dramatic conclusion.

To make sure as many of you as possible can experience the Firefight rules, for a limited time only we’ll be offering a PDF of the entire rulebook as a FREE download. That’s right, you can get the Firefight rules for FREEEEEEEE! Make sure you’re signed up to the Mantic Games newsletter to receive the download link first. You can sign up here.


All of the above will be going up on the website later this week. Plus, we’ll have some special bundles for those of you who are just getting into the wonderful world of Deadzone. Don’t miss out on what promises to be an action-packed summer of sci-fi gaming.

Make sure you head back to the blog tomorrow for a closer look at what’s happening during the summer campaign…

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