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Embark on Epic Dungeon Adventures with Mantic Games

7th Jul 2023

Jonny Mann

Hey, fellow dungeon explorers, Martin here!

Buckle up your armour, sharpen your swords, and grab a handful of dice, because I’m about to take you on a wild ride through the fantastic realm of the Terrain Crate – Dungeon Adventures. If you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons and crave brand new quests for your tabletop RPGs, then you’ve come to the right place!

Imagine wandering through a dungeon that looks like it was crafted by a mad wizard who has consumed too many goblin mushrooms. Well, hold onto your pointy wizard hats, because that’s precisely what the Dungeon Adventures games offer. Each set has a beautifully illustrated gaming map, an adventure book and a load of terrain pieces to satisfy any gaming group! Trust me, you’ll feel like Indiana Jones navigating an underground playground of traps and treasures.

We have whipped up some seriously awesome miniature sets to accompany the Dungeon Adventures sets. We’re talking heroic warriors with muscles that put Arnold Schwarzenegger to shame and menacing monsters that’ll give you nightmares (in the best way possible). These pint-sized plastic bad boys are so finely detailed, you’ll swear they’ve been working out in the local Dragon’s Gym.


We all know that RPGs aren’t just about fighting monsters and looting chests. They’re about tricky encounters, unexpected surprises, and epic failures that make you laugh until you snort out of your nose. Dungeon Adventures come packed with the kind of storytelling that will have you and your friends excited to be rolling dice and sharing adventures. Whether you’re battling a group of Orcs with questionable hygiene or attempting to outsmart an evil vampire with a penchant for yummy blood, these adventures are anything but ordinary.

So, my fellow adventurers, if you’re ready to unleash some pre-made scenarios into your Dungeons and Dragons sessions, look no further than our Dungeon Adventures. With their ridiculously cool terrain and miniatures, mind-bending game maps, and brilliant storytelling, these products are a must-have for any gaming group seeking an exciting and engaging tabletop experience.

Get ready to roll those dice, brave the unknown, and have a damn good time doing it!

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Dungeon Adventures II: Secrets Of The Wizard’s Tower For 5E

Secrets Of The Wizard’s Tower is a 5e compatible adventure in a box.

As you enter this room you feel all the hair on your body stand on end – the air feels like it is almost alive with barely suppressed energy. Two magical arcane circles drawn in the floor glow scarlet, seeming to throb in time with the beating of your heart. Two mirrors stand on opposite sides of this room, their glass foggy and indistinct. In the centre of each circle is a bowl carved from obsidian.

This Dungeon Adventures pack provides an adventure that you can plug into any existing fantasy campaign that your players are already engaged in.

Player Level: 4th
Players: 3-5
Run Time: 4-6 Hours

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Dungeon Adventures III: Beware The Green Rage For 5E

Beware the Green Rage is a 5e compatible adventure in a box.

There has been an increase in the number of raids by orc tribes in the last few months. Normally a disorganised rabble plagued by in-fighting, the packs of orcs have started to coalesce under a single red banner adorned with a crudely drawn lightning bolt piercing a grinning skull. This is the banner of the orc godspeaker Var-Rok, a powerful user of cruel orc magic. Can your heroes defeat this new menace?

This Dungeon Adventures boxed set provides an adventure that you can plug into any existing fantasy campaign that your players are already engaged in.

Player Level: 5th
Players: 3-5
Run Time: 4-6 Hours

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Dungeon Adventures IV: Curse Of The Vampire For 5E

Lady Trynn is a halfling noble from the town of Anserton. She has become more reclusive and her behaviour erratic as of late. She has increased the taxes of the local farms and refused to deal with, or even acknowledge, the sudden increase in the disappearances of villagers. The Mayor of Anserton, has hired you to pay a visit to Lady Trynn to find out exactly what is going on, and what is at… stake.

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Dungeon Adventures: Critters

The deep places of the world are far from empty. Creatures make their homes there, preying on the weak and growing strong on the remnants of decaying magic. It is a careless adventurer who does not treat them with caution.


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Dungeon Adventures: Dungeon Bosses

New bosses for your players to encounter – from a guitar wielding ogre to a werewolf/dwarf – there’s lots of fun to be had with this great model pack.

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Dungeon Adventures: Dungeon Villains

Bring your adventures to life with these wonderful character models – great for bosses, NPCs or even for assembling a dastardly group of alternative adventurers!


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Dungeon Adventures: Flame and Ice Markers

This handy set of 3D markers is great for representing the ongoing effects of fire and magical spells in your games.

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Dungeon Adventures: Heroes

Every adventure needs brave and willing heroes to solve the puzzles, fight back the creatures of the dark, and win victory. This pack contains four models of classic hero archetypes.


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