The Enforcer Faction Booster has a great range of models to add to your Strike Team. Offering some of the more exotic choices from the Enforcer faction, including Jetbikes, Peacekeepers and Defenders, these units can be used to either add to a Faction Starter (or the Starter Set) or be fielded on their own, using only contents of the box.


The Jetbikes are new hard plastic miniatures for this edition. They are fast moving, agile unit who can bring a wealth of firepower to the board. As default, they are armed with a hull mounted, double-barrelled variant of the standard laser rifle. They can be upgraded with other heavy weapons from the Enforcers’ arsenal, such as Burst Lasers and Missile Launchers. These are especially helpful in Breakthrough missions – reaching the other side of the board in just two turns!


The Peacekeepers are some of the heaviest infantry in the game. Their default weapons are powerful, consisting of a Dominator Rifle and Energy Gauntlet. They’re capable of punching opponents from their feet, and withstanding heavy firepower thanks to their armour. They also have jump packs like the rest of the Enforcer and can  mount heavy weapons on their armour. The booster contains a set of hard plastic sprues of these specialists, allowing you to build five Peacekeepers, with optional heavy weapons, Defender Shields and components for a Peacekeeper Captain.


The Medic is invaluable in campaigns, allowing you to heal your Strike Team between games and bring your soldiers back from the brink of death. In game, he is as capable as any Enforcer, but also able to treat his injured comrades. Combining this ability with the Enforcers’ heavy armour makes your force very survivable. Use him to help hold crucial objectives, or to keep your specialists in the fight.


There is also a set of five hard plastic Enforcers with additional components to upgrade their equipment to more specialised items. There are two Defender Shields, two Shotguns, a set of arms with a Thermal Rifle, another set of arms with a Missile Launcher and two arms holding Thermal Mines. These components are designed to fit the same joints as the standard Enforcer arms, so you can use them convert any hard plastic Enforcer models.


Now that we’ve covered both the Starter and Booster set, it’s worth mentioning some of the other ways to use both of these products. The Enforcer Army deal contains all of the new releases for the Enforcers, with one Faction Starter and one Faction Booster, plus a free Enforcer Mercanary – Sergeant Howlett. If you are waiting on the release of our Sci-Fi Wargame, Warpath (Firefight or Mass Battles), then purchasing multiple faction sets (such as two Starters, or one Starter and one Booster) will give you a great starting force for Beta testing either version of Warpath, as well as enough models to build any Deadzone force you desire!

The Enforcer Faction Starter, Faction Booster and Army deal are available to pre-order now and will be found in all good hobby stores at the end of May!

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