In the wake of the Marauders rebellion against the rule of the GCPS, the Council of Seven, humanity’s mysterious rulers, were in desperate need of a dedicated military force. With individual Corporations rebelling and alien races becoming more of a threat, the Council funneled research into creating a fighting force that would surpass and other military force in the GCPS. These new soldiers would be unwaveringly loyal and answer to the Council alone. They would be required to fight both aliens and humans alike and triumph. The product of this was the Enforcers.


Their origins remain a mystery, although they appear to be human, at least in part. Their strength and speed surpass that of humans, making them a match for the other creatures that they must face. In addition, they are suited in fully-enclosed armour. This advanced technology is actually manufactured by the Forge Fathers and purchased exclusively by the Council of Seven. Both sides see this as too lucrative a deal to pass up, despite the fact the Enforcers and Forge Fathers regularly clash in Deadzones.


Compact, yet powerful jump packs and stabilising systems make the Enforcers extremely mobile. Their weaponry is specialised, with overwhelming firepower available for any task. From the surgical efficiency of the Enforcer sniper, to the devastating Strider-pattern Equalizer, Enforcers can be equipped to fulfill a variety of roles. Add to this the deft Pathfinders and stalwart Peacekeepers, it is next to impossible to find an Enforcer Strike Team caught unprepared.


If you want to field ruthless power-armoured super soldier to fight the horrors of the Deadzone, then look no further than the Enforcers. Well armoured and highly skilled, with a lot of mobility and customisation options, this faction can be truly powerful in the right hands.

The Enforcer Faction Starter and Faction Booster are available for Pre-Order now and will be released and the end of May! These fantastic models can also be found in the Deadzone Starter Set!

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