As previously covered earlier this week on the blog, as well as attending plenty of events in North America and the UK, we’ve got plenty of activities lined up for Kings of War. Some will take place here at Mantic, others will be happening at your local clubs and we’re hoping that stores will be getting involved too. Let’s take a look at what’s lined up for Kings of War in 2017…

Clash of Kings 2017

Over the past 18 months the tournament scene for Kings of War has absolutely exploded (rather like a certain old world…) and we’re seeing more and more events around the globe. Last October we held our biggest ever Clash of Kings tournament here in the UK, with more than 70 players coming together for two days of intense KoW action… and a little bit of drinking on the side.

The South Wales Gaming Centre is a fantastic, modern venue, which will be great for Clash of Kings.


However, we want this year’s Clash of Kings tournament to be even bigger and better. We’re moving the event to the superb South Wales Gaming Centre at Firestorm Games in Cardiff. This is a fantastic venue with space for more than 100 players, hot food available throughout the tournament and lots more.

Clash of Kings 2017 takes place on October 28th and 29th. Attendees will play six games before we crown the champion. Tickets are available NOW!

Clash of Kings Organised Play Supplement

As well as organising the annual Clash of Kings tournament, we’ve also recently put the Clash of Kings tournament book up for pre-order. Nick Williams from the Kings of War Rules Committee (and now author) has been busy putting together an indispensable guide to help you organise your own events.

The Clash of Kings Organised Play Supplement offers plenty of great advice to run your tournaments, including variations of the standard tournament format, extra scenarios and even tips for creating leagues.

There are also suggestions of unit rules and magical artefacts that can be removed/amended in order to help make your tournaments as competitive as possible, alongside entirely new magical artefacts that can only be found in the book. We’re sure this will become the go-to guide for tournament organisers.

Kings of War – Clash of Kings Doubles

Inspired by one of the alternative tournament formats in the Clash of Kings Organised Play Supplement, we’ll be hosting a doubles tournament here at Mantic HQ. In this event, two friends can come together to create the Ultimate Army of Justice… or just have some fun. Both players need 1,000 points of different armies, e.g. dwarfs and elves or goblins and orcs, before battling it out over a two-day period. The winners will be the first to receive our brand new and exclusive Clash of Kings trophy!

Spaces for the event are limited to 40 (20 teams of two people) and tickets are available now. We hope this will become the first of many tournaments here (like the giant Kings of War game shown above) at Mantic HQ.

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