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8th Feb 2023

Dan Mapleston



The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a few updates to the Firefight and Deadzone areas of the Mantic Companion. These are exciting times for the Warpath Universe!

With the release of the brilliant Mazon Labs Strike Force this week for Firefight, the beta list is now available in the Mantic Companion for you to review the units in the list and start planning your corporate takeovers… and your dubious experiments! “Beta” means that we’ll listen to your feedback on the list and then publish the official list in print later in the year (and of course update the Companion at the same time).

Also, in tandem with the fantastic Forge Father releases, we’ve provided beta updates to the corresponding profiles in BOTH Deadzone and Firefight. Amazing! No matter whether you play Deadzone or Firefight you get to check out and use the new rules for these cool new kits. And if you play both (of course you do!) – then it’s double the fun.

Firefight Unit Updates

Deadzone Unit Updates

But that’s not all! Ahead of finalizing all these beta updates later in the year, we’ve also made some tweaks to some of the outliers in Firefight currently, to address some balance issues and give players confidence their opponent isn’t going to be fielding 157 copies of “THE MOST BROKEN UNIT EVERTM ”. So things like the Enforcer bomber have been adjusted, and the mismatch between the Veer-myn plastic kit and the Crawler and Stalker profiles has been corrected. All these are marked as beta changes, again for feedback before publication ahead of lots more exciting Firefight updates we have planned for you later in the year.

The adjusted units to look out for are:

All these changes should be clearly marked as 2023 beta in the Mantic Companion, so it’s easy to find them. To submit feedback, you can add a message into the Firefight and Deadzone Fanatics groups on facebook, or drop us an email at [email protected] which we’ll forward to the appropriate RC. You can send us the results of your unsanctioned Plague experiments too if you like. However, your contact details WILL be passed to Mazon Labs for “processing”.


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In the far-flung worlds of the galaxy, humans and aliens clash in the battlefields of the future. The galaxy is full of opportunity, adventure peril and horror for those willing to gamble life for profit. Beyond the core worlds of the planets settled by humanity, the GCPS has made new allies and faced alien threats, as the mega corporations strip planets of their resources with no regard for the inhabitants. As a result, humankind has both encroached upon, and consumed, ancient races and star realms. But when alien horrors are uncovered, or deadly new diseases take hold, whole planets are shut off from civilization under a Containment Protocol, and wiped from navigational maps. With the veil of civilization lifted, rival factions descend into furious conflict, each with their own unique claim to the spoils of the ensuing chaos.

Deadzone is the fast-paced, breathtakingly elegant, and immersive game of sci-fi skirmish combat for two players.

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