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FIREFIGHT Wave 1 Pre-Orders & Double Reward Points

12th Jul 2023

Dan Mapleston

Are you ready? We’re ready! Let’s do this:

Firefight: Command Protocols – Rules & Force Lists

Firefight: Command Protocols comes with all of the latest content for the game, a complete set of rebalanced force lists for every faction, the full fine-tuned rules, and all the tokens you need to play. Whether you’re a new or returning player – this is the next step in your sci-fi wargaming journey.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you purchased the previous Firefight Rulebook (or a starter set containing it) from the Mantic Webstore in either June or July 2023, we are conscious that you may not have had much use from your current book before hearing about this update. Please e-mail [email protected] with your name and order number, and we will ship you a totally complimentary copy of the new book when it arrives from the printers.

Assault on Exham – 2 Player Starter Set

Well now, this is one beast of a starter box. Stoic, heavily-armed Forge Fathers take on the resourceful and insidious Veer-Myn in the Exham System. If you want a great mix of vehicles and infantry to kick off with, you’ve come to the right place. Get playing with two armies and a copy of the new Firefight: Command Protocols book.

Battle of Cabot III – 2 Player Starter Set

The original Firefight starter box was an absolute knockout deal for new players, so we’re resurrecting it with the brand new Firefight: Command Protocols book included. Tough, well-drilled Marauders take on the Council of Seven’s much-feared Enforcers in the Battle of Cabot III. Get playing with two generous starter armies!

Enforcer Pathfinder Recon Force

Pathfinders are the vanguard of the Enforcers. They are highly-trained and well suited for reconnaissance, sabotage, and infiltration. A Pathfinder Recon Force will typically deploy alongside the latest combat drone technology available. This brilliant new set brings a stealthy and deadly edge to your games of Firefight.

Some of you may recognise a special brand collaboration with Warlord Games, our partners for the Armada ruleset. Here’s a few words from industry legend Mr John Stallard:

‘We’re very excited that the fantastic C3M4 Combat Drone will be deploying onto the battlefields of FIREFIGHT from our friends at Mantic Games.’

Thanks John!

Enforcer Interceptor with Sensor Array

Information is power, and when you combine that with air superiority you have a potent mix on your hands. Gain a tactical edge in the field with the Advanced Sensor Arrays now available to the Enforcer Interceptor.

GCPS/Marauders/Mazon Labs/Plague Battlegroup

The battlefields of the future are full of dependable, workhorse military vehicles. Most remain in active GCPS service, but are also seen in other forces with access to the same common technologies. Mules and Hornets have even been captured in battle, to later be re-deployed against their former owners.

Plague Mortar Mule

Famed for neither subtlety or surgical precision in their approach to warfare, Plague forces have recently been seen installing heavier weaponry to their looted vehicles. These crude but effective mobile weapon platforms are able to rapidly relocate, and represent a dangerous new threat on the battlefield.

GCPS/Marauders/Plague Wolverine Battlegroup

The venerable Wolverine has been in service to the GCPS for centuries. First introduced to frontline combat by the Jarek Corporation in 723AE during the Siege of Arkon VII, the design was seemingly a throwback to a bygone era. However, due to its durability, ruggedness and utility, it quickly became popular with remote outposts where funding the latest military hardware, and finding the people and parts to maintain it, was a serious challenge. The basic design has remained fairly stable through the years, although local customisations and modifications can be found throughout the GCPS. One of the most obvious, and prevalent variants is the APC, used to safely transport infantry into the thick of the action. While the mega-corporations like Mazon Labs exclusively showcase the latest military hardware, many remote garrisons in the outer spheres will frequently field Wolverine formations, as they are so cheap and easy to keep running – but of course, where a planet or sector has fallen to the Plague, then the very same vehicles will fall into the hands of the infected. The Marauders especially like it – it has a certain brutish charm that appeals to their nature.

We’re proud to introduce our second brand collaboration, and ‘guest star’ in this latest iteration of Firefight, all the way from our good friends at Archon Studio, who turn our latest Kings of War sculpts into gorgeous hard plastic frames. Thank you to the whole team in Poland, and we’re delighted to bring their Wolverine Tank rumbling onto the battlefield with its characterful blend of modern military and chunky near-future aesthetics!

GCPS/Marauders/Mazon Labs/Plague Hornet Gunship

Death from above! An absolutely terrifying prospect for infantry, the Hornet Gunship lays down relentless bursts of high-calibre gunfire. If you hear the distinctive rotor sounds approaching, get into a transport, into a building, into cover – just anywhere other than open ground…

D8 Dice Set

You’re going to be chucking fistfuls of 8-sided dice in Firefight, so it’s the perfect time to stock up! This set includes a mix of three colours (white, black and red) – perfect for representing special weapons in your rolls.


In case you needed any more reasons to get playing Firefight, we’re kicking off a double reward points event from today! Just think of all the lovely reward points you could earn with one of those (already great value) battlegroups or starter sets…have fun everyone!