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FIREFIGHT: The Forge Fathers at War

19th Jul 2023

Dan Mapleston

The Forge Fathers have learned to harness the power of suns, created planet-sized machines, and perfected some of the most powerful and intricately engineered weapons of war in all creation. Their society is built around a strong sense of honour, kinship, and devotion to duty, and they suffer no fool gladly.

There are few races that have been able to resist the advances of the GCPS – most alien armies are either swept aside by better resourced and funded corporate militaries, or their cultures are swallowed up wholesale in the process known as ‘incorporation’.

But when the Forge Lords of the Star Realm went to war with the armies of mankind, they were neither beaten nor pushed back. The Star Realm stands to this day independent and proud.

Forge Father Vehicles

The masters of armoured warfare, the Forge Fathers deploy a wide array of vehicles on operations. These include lightweight Valkyr outriders, mid-weight Hultr half-tracks and the hulking might of Sturnhammer main battle tanks. Iron Ancestors and Jotunn Weapon Platforms bring even more tools to this huge mechanised arsenal, all deftly directed by venerable Forge Lords.

Getting Started

As a newly minted Forge Lord, you’re going to want a solid core to your army and there are three brilliant ways to get started.

Firstly, consider the new ‘Assault on Exham’ 2-player set. This contains a sizeable Forge Father army, plus the latest rulebook and all the dice you need. It also comes with a force of Veer-Myn, which are another excellent hobby project or make this box perfect to split with a friend!

Your next option is the Forge Father Strike Force, to which you just need to add the new FIREFIGHT: Command Protocols book. It contains a great mix of troops, plus an Iron Ancestor, Commander, and your first main battle tank.

Ready to bring the thunder? Then roll out with the Forge Father Battlegroup. This tank-heavy starter is perfect to start playing Annihilation games, and includes the Karfi Command Tank.

However you get started, it’s time to bring the fire of the forge to your enemies. If you like dwarfs, and if you like tanks – you couldn’t have chosen a better new army!

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Firefight: Assault on Exham 2-Player Starter Set

This fantastic starter set boasts over 55 highly detailed Mantic miniatures, including vehicles, rules and force lists, a quick start guide, dice and tokens. This box is a perfect introduction to the Warpath Universe and the immersive, tactical and action-packed tabletop game of Firefight.

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Firefight: Command Protocols Rulebook & Force Lists

This pack combines the new Firefight: Command Protocols book with all the tokens you need for the game. The Command Protocols book includes new content for existing players, plus the latest rules and updated force lists. And if you’re new to Firefight – start here!


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Forge Father Strike Force

The Forge Fathers are an ancient civilisation that has been a galactic power for millennia. Technically superior to almost all they encounter, these hardy folk are as tough and stubborn in battle as they are across the negotiating table. This set is a great way to start your Forge Father army, or expand an existing force to challenge your opponents and expand the mighty Star Realm.

Learn more about the game and keep up to date with the latest Firefight news here.

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Forge Father Battlegroup

A classic Forge Father formation – a pair of Sturnhammers combined with the Karfi command tank. The Karfi is able to coordinate the orders and movement patterns of nearby friendly units, making their assault manoeuvres more efficient and deadly.


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Forge Father Gungnir Artillery Tank

The Gungnir Artillery Tank boasts a range of ammo types it can utilize, making it highly adaptable in battle. Able to fire both directly and indirectly, its long range makes it a formidable tool in the arsenal of the Star Realm.


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Forge Father Knarr Assault Tank

The Knarr Assault Tank is a variant of the Sturnhammer that delivers frontline troops right to the heart of the enemy’s battle lines. The Knarr has more of a punch than the Drakkar APC, with explosive grenade launchers and is designed to allow troops to swiftly engage.



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