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Flying Tiger, Hidden Hornet – Midweek Round-Up – 24th August

24th Aug 2022

Jonny Mann

This is the Number One place to find all the best hobby content from in and around the Mantic community over the last week or so. See what your fellow painters have been up to, or even see if you have been featured! Find the latest videos from around the hobby and most importantly… get inspired to pick up that paintbrush.

This week Jonny takes a look at what you have been up to over the last week and needless to say you have been very busy with some excellent work!

Check out the video below!

US Masters

Check out the latest podcast episodes from CounterCharge as they document this years US Masters!

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Be sure to check in again next Wednesday!

And if you want to make sure we spot your great work, use the hashtag #MyMantic when posting on social media.

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