If you fancy getting started with the Forces of Nature, then now is the time. We’ve put together two new sets for you – a starter army and a mega army to begin your very own battles to maintain balance!


The Forces of Nature Army contains about 600 points of models – depending on how you build them. There are 20 Salamanders, who can be built with either hand weapons and shields or two handed weapons, plus a command group and cool details like flames to add to their bases. There are also 30 Naiads, who can either be built as Ensnarers with nets, or Heartpiercers with harpoon-launchers. Both of these can take a command group. A regiment of Forest Shamblers and a Druid round this off to make a good starting point for an army.


If you are a true devotee of the Green Lady, look no further than the Forces of Nature Mega Army. With over 1,400 points of models, depending on build, this fantastic deal is a whole army in one box. There are no less than 60 Naiads and 40 Salamanders, 6 Forest Shamblers and a Druid. On top of all this, you get a set of 5 brand new Centaurs, which can be built either as Bray-Striders or Bray-Hunters, a Centaur Chief to lead them into battle and a manifestation of the Green Lady herself! Wow!


For those of you who find yourself aligning more with a single element from nature, we’ve also put together two special web-only bundles for you.



The Clan of Fire comes with 60 Salamanders and Legendary Hratth from Dungeon Saga – a perfect Salamander Veteran to lead your army. This can be used as either a Forces of Nature army or a Salamanders army from Uncharted Empires.


The Fury of the Sea contains 60 Naiads who are led to war by Legendary Arianya – a Naiad stalker. This can be used as either a Forces of Nature army or as a Trident Realms army from Uncharted Empires.

If you are in London in April, then you might want to check out Salute 2016. This is one of the largest wargaming shows in the country and we’ll be attending again this year, as we always have a blast! We’ve added a new product to our webstore which will allow you to pick your order up at Salute. Simply add it to your order before you check out, then we’ll bring your order with us and give it to you in person when you visit our stand.

The Forces of Nature Army, Forces of Nature Mega Army, Clan of Fire and Fury of the Sea are all available for pre-order on our webstore!


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