The Lower Abyssals constantly fight among themselves for dominance over each other. Those who are born stronger or are possess of a low cunning manage to rise above the rest. They will take the best weapons and armour for themselves and become Abyssal Guard – elite foot soldiers in Abyssal armies. There are those who would rise yet further, taking command over vast legions of their brethren and attracting the attentions of the Wicked Ones themselves. The vaunted few are granted powers and strength far beyond that of mortals. They are the Abyssal Champions.


The Abyssal Champion is a new hero kit to lead your armies into battle. Cast in high-quality metal, this kit shows the infernal champion stalking forth – leading your Lower Abyssals to war. The kit includes extra components that can be used to customise your miniature – you can field your champion with wither a curved sword or an ornate axe and there is a choice of heads – either maliciously grinning or in an expression of pure rage.


Abyssal Champions are the go-to leaders for a Forces of the Abyss army. They are solid in close combat, with Crushing Strength (1), Inspiring, and Regeneration, too. They can be upgraded to have wings (granting Fly) or mounted for extra speed and manoeuvrability. They can also take Lightning Bolt (5) for some ranged attack power. If you want to use his Inspiring to anchor your battleline, then take Lightning Bolt (5) so that you can keep him behind your lines, taking pot shots at the enemy. Alternatively, choosing to go for a speedier option can make him an excellent hunter of war machines and enemy characters.


The Archfiends of the Abyss are the only ones within the Abyssal legions who can commune directly with the Wicked Ones. They are the supreme leaders of the infernal hosts, being of immense power and monstrous size. They take many forms, some are bloated behemoths whilst others bear mighty wings to soar above the battlefield. No matter what form they take, they are the greatest threat to mortals since the God Wars.


This is one of the largest kits we have ever produced, standing 3” tall, or 4 ½” to the top of the wings! It towers over the rest of your army, standing on a 75mm base – like the Greater Obsidian Golem and the Elven Dragon. Cast is high-quality resin, this mighty being has flaming fists (of fury?), elongated horns and spikes and a screaming maw as it bellows its rage to the world. The model itself is easy to assemble – each piece expertly cut to fit flush with the various counters of its form.


The Archfiend of the Abyss is a true master of the battlefield. High nerve, speed, and attacks make it a monster in combat. It has Crushing Strength (2) and Thunderous Charge (2), making it able to snap most foes in half – armour or not! On top of this it has Vicious, Brutal and Fury, all of which make your opponents units far more likely to rout when they face it in combat. Oh and it’s Inspiring, too. That’s is the load out as standard, but you can upgrade your Fiend to have wings or Lightning Bolt (5). I would use an Archfiend to lead the charge in battle as it is more than capable of taking on whole regiments on it’s own. You can place it amongst similar units in your army, using it to bolster your lines and hit hard at the same time. Giving it wings will allow it to roam ahead of your army, but be careful to keep it supported. Unlike other leaders, it can suffer from flank attacks and will go down if left unprotected.

Tomorrow we’ll be taking a look at the fiery Efreet and the twisted Gargoyles and next week we’ll be looking at building these units into an army worthy of the Wicked ones. Stay tuned!

The Archfiend of the Abyss and Abyssal Champion are available for Pre-order now and will be shipping at the end of February!


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